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Step-by-step guidance to accelerate the adoption of Splunk for IT use cases
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ITSI Product Dashboard ITSI Product Dashboard

Speed up troubleshooting by bringing all IT data into one view

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The two apps work in tandem together - IT Essentials Learn has prebuilt searches to teach you how to use Splunk. Once you're ready to work with your own data, IT Essentials Work gets you up and running with out-of-the-box dashboards.

IT Essentials Learn
Learn how to use Splunk for IT use cases
guidance for getting started guidance for getting started
Guidance for getting started

Navigate through content designed to help make onboarding and learning new IT use cases and tasks a breeze.

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learn and implement learn and implement
Learn and implement

Built-in Search Processing Language (SPL) searches (called procedures) help you focus on a single IT task at a time, so you can quickly learn how to tackle common IT monitoring and troubleshooting use cases.

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keep track with progress keep track with progress
Keep track with progress

Your progress is automatically tracked in the My Progress tab, where you can filter and analyze completed procedures as you go.

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a personalized IT journey a personalized IT journey
A personalized IT journey

Easily correlate what you’ve learned against where your organization stands in the prescriptive value path, and determine what’s next as you advance in your IT maturity journey.

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IT Essentials Work
Where you work with your own data
speed up it troubleshooting speed up it troubleshooting
Fast time to value with out-of-the-box dashboards

One workspace to correlate logs and metrics provides a better understanding of entity health and performance. Use the growing library of out-of-the-box content with dashboards and navigation suggestions to use data relevant to your role. Create and share custom visualizations without the need to write a single SPL query.

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infrastructure overview for common it data sources infrastructure overview for common it data sources
Infrastructure overview for common IT data sources

Holistically monitor the most common IT data sources grouped by entity type, including both on-prem and cloud: Windows, VMware, *nix, AWS, GCP and Azure. Organize each entity type by customizable key metrics.

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drill deeper into your data drill deeper into your data
Drill deeper into your data

Streamline investigative workflows with out-of-the-box dashboards and see the status of key metrics. Quickly identify trends or specific points in time where metric status changed.

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search relevant logs from the last 60 minutes search relevant logs from the last 60 minutes
Search relevant logs from the last 60 minutes

Drill down into individual entities to analyze associated log data and track performance metrics. See application logs with infrastructure data to speed up troubleshooting and reduce context switching.

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