Splunk® Business Flow

Gain insights into your business processes

Explore and visualize processes for transparency of business operations

Product Capabilities

Business operations have never looked clearer

Discover Your Business Processes

Get an end-to-end recreation of the actual business and customer processes by dynamically linking disparate sources of data with the power of Splunk's real-time data platform.

                 Use an Analytics-first Approach
Explore Process Variances

Easily monitor the efficiency and efficacy of processes and spot potential delays, bottlenecks and fallout. Flag variances and anomalies in business processes that may be driving unnoticed costs and risk.

                 Build Better Business Process

Identify Root Causes

Quickly filter and drill down into specific attributes of processes to investigate the root causes to problems. Remeditate and reduce issues faster, avoiding more costly outcomes.

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Financial Services

Need better conversion in payment transactions?
Identify Fallout Now


Need faster claims processing?
Identify Bottlenecks Now


Need better conversion in service activation?
Identify Fallout Now


Get Started with Splunk Business Flow

Achieve transparency by correlating data and events from siloed systems to visualize and explore processes as they actually behave. Splunk Business Flow pricing has built-in volume discounts. You pay based on the number of flow models you would like to license. Read the Splunk Business Flow pricing FAQ »