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Splunk Insights for Ransomware provides smaller organizations with an additional layer of security to help combat ransomware. By enabling a broader analytics-driven approach to security, Splunk Insights for Ransomware enables understaffed IT and security shops to gain end-to-end visibility into potential ransomware activity across the IT environment.

Assess security posture, investigate and verify efficiently, and remediate quickly and appropriately – from critical infrastructure to deprecated operating systems, Splunk Insights for Ransomware helps you get better at staying on top of security hygiene to combat persistent and emerging ransomware threats, so you can maintain business continuity in the face of mutations -- even global, fast-propagating attacks like WannaCry.

  • Central visibility and analysis of ransomware: Use relevant data – endpoint, network, etc. – to identify and assess potential ransomware activity
  • Faster, streamlined investigation of ransomware activity: Pivot easily between technologies to find evidence of ransomware threats, across security and IT
  • Make proactive decisions and even hunt for ransomware: Leverage best practices to find issues that look likely to be related to ransomware
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Why Splunk Insights for Ransomware

Splunk Insights for Ransomware provides an additional layer of security visibility and augments existing security solutions – including traditional hygiene solutions (patching, antivirus); traditional solutions that “block” ransomware threats (endpoint detection and response or EDR); and other point solutions (endpoint backup) – to help smaller IT and security shops get prepared and stay prepared for the next ransomware attack.

Bring In Data Relevant to Ransomware

Splunk Insights for Ransomware features a use-case-specific licensing model that enables smaller organizations to ingest and analyze event logs from numerous data sources in order to see all aspects of the environment as pertinent to ransomware.

Augments Existing Security Solutions

Customers can make the tools they already have work better for them. Splunk Insights for Ransomware can provide end-to-end visibility to help IT and security teams identify gaps, both before a ransomware attack as well as after a ransomware threat or attack has been identified.

Get Better at Detection, Investigation and Response

Splunk Enterprise has proven to benefit many customers looking to solve complex security issues related to ransomware – including early warning and detection, pinpointing how a ransomware threat got into the environment, and determining how far a ransomware infection might have spread.
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Competitively Priced With Traditional Ransomware Solutions

Instead of GB/day of data indexed, Splunk Insights for Ransomware is priced similarly to endpoint-based ransomware solutions. Price bands are available on the basis of per “ransomware monitored account”, for 0 to 250, 251-500, and 501-1000 monitored accounts. A “monitored account” is an employee or end user, generating data from their workstation(s) – that data then gets ingested into Splunk.

Splunk Everywhere! Ransomware

Use Splunk Insights for Ransomware to harness the power of analytics to find hidden anomalies so that you can assess, contain and mitigate ransomware. 

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