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Quick Start for Application Management

Find and fix problems faster in production environments and gain visibility across the entire stack to avoid business disruptions.

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Quick Start for Infrastructure Monitoring

Accelerate Splunk deployments to dramatically improve uptime and customer satisfaction through more consistent service delivery.

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Quick Start for Security Investigation—Endpoint

Gain the basic elements needed to find malware infections by investigating endpoint data before damage is caused to business operations.

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Quick Start for Security Investigation—Infrastructure

Run security investigations using security infrastructure data and perform security investigations without changes to your existing security architecture.

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Quick Start for SIEM

The Splunk Quick Start for SIEM gives you everything you need to monitor your infrastructure and detect malware in an easy-to-deploy package.

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Quick Start for Service Intelligence

With IT Service Intelligence, a next-generation monitoring and analytics solution, use machine learning and event analytics to simplify operations, prioritize problem resolution and align IT with the business.

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