When important IT events are buried among thousands of others, IT teams find themselves paralyzed with too many alerts. You can’t find and fix important issues fast when you’re manually filtering out the noise and finding the few events that matter. The real focus should be on managing the problem, not the event.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence for event analytics uses machine-driven artificial intelligence (AI) to turn all data into immediate action, so you can identify existing and emerging issues, quickly prioritize restoration of business-critical services and make decisions based on your data, not your best guess.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) Made Real

With Splunk ITSI, you can use data-driven AIOps to:

  • Get relief from manually separating the important and relevant events
  • Detect patterns and baseline normal operations by dynamically adapting thresholds
  • Access human-scale alerts by getting proactively notified on abnormal behavior
  • Realize service context on events, so you can prioritize investigation based on impact
  • Easily access and share any type of data—at scale and on demand

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Why Splunk ITSI for Event Analytics?

Find and fix the most important issues
  • Detect patterns to analyze events and model important services on relevant technical and business KPIs
  • Apply service context to events and use machine learning to understand the effect of abnormalities on services
  • Provide highly actionable, notable events in real time, to help find and fix what's broken
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Transform IT operations with artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Employ machine learning to baseline normal behavior, determine threshold variability, and adapt dynamically
  • Define and manage the relationships across events, metrics and KPIs with real-time correlations and pre-defined semantics
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Get a complete view of your IT environment
  • Rapidly enable contextual insights across technology domains with purpose-built, service-oriented modules
  • Handle ALL events; any type, from any source, at any rate / volume (up to petabytes per day)
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Understanding Service Intelligence

Achieving digital transformation demands a more effective IT—one that provides reliable services for the business to deliver on its core objectives. Learn how Splunk ITSI provides a unified view of critical IT and business services to enable efficient service operations and IT service excellence.

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