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Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Protect service performance with AIOps.


AI-driven incident prediction, detection and resolution all from one place


KPI and service-level monitoring

Protect KPIs and SLAs with dashboards that monitor service health, business metrics and their supporting systems.

Intelligent incident management

Accelerate mean time to resolution with automated event correlation, incident prioritization and integrations with IT service management tools.


Machine learning and predictive analytics

Use advanced analytics like anomaly detection and adaptive thresholding to predict and prevent issues before they impact performance.


End-to-end visibility and streamlined incident resolution

Use machine learning to power your IT operations.

Service-oriented dashboards Service-oriented dashboards

Service-oriented dashboards

Monitor what matters most to the organization using performance dashboards that track KPIs and service availability.

Log Observer Log Observer

Service deep dives

Analyze multiple service metrics in swim lanes and drill down into raw data at full fidelity, to quickly identify root cause.

Real User Monitoring Real User Monitoring

Predictive alerting

Detect future service degradations using machine learning and historical data. Access all data to alert on true outliers, not averages of averages.

Synthetic Monitoring Synthetic Monitoring

Automated event aggregation

Collect and enrich events from multiple sources into a single framework. Trigger alerts as data enters the system, using out-of-the-box machine learning policies.

Automated On-Call Automated On-Call

KPI-driven triage view

Prioritize incidents by severity of impact to the organization, so the most critical issues are addressed first.

Business and IT Service Monitoring Business and IT Service Monitoring

Integrations with ITSM

Trigger service ticketing, on-call response or automated playbooks directly from your incident review.

leidos background leidos background


Leidos Modernizes Event Management With Splunk

I’ve been in IT management for over 20 years and this is the first time I’ve been able to do heterogeneous, up-and-down-the-stack monitoring of my IT environment.

Director of Performance Management, Leidos


Instant insights, no SPL


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Automated On-Call

Route alerts to the right people for fast issue resolution.

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Log Observer Log Observer

Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-time infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting for all environments.

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Real User Monitoring Real User Monitoring

Turn Data Into Doing

Tackle your toughest IT challenges with a powerful data foundation.

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