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Container Monitoring

Splunk® software helps you unify insights across container environments and the entire technology stack with a single solution. Now your developers can focus on what’s most important—the application itself. Splunk for container monitoring provides a solution to help you ensure your containers are available and issues are fixed quickly with minimal effort.

Why Splunk for Container Monitoring?

You want to deliver the best application experience possible. With Splunk solutions, you can monitor performance to help you ensure containers are available and that issues are fixed quickly with as little effort as possible.

Manage your containers while monitoring your entire IT stack at the same time, enabling you to incorporate container performance as a service-centric KPI.

Gain insights on apps running in containers as well as the container environment and build dashboards, alerts and perform search to better understand your data.

Keep your containers happy and healthy
Optimize Container Usage

Manage Container Resources

Monitor CPU utilization to manage the resources required for your containers—including measuring the impact on service reliability and container resource requirements.

Monitor Utilization and Performance

Quickly Answer Performance Questions

Gain insight into the availability and performance of containers in real time by monitoring memory utilization across all containers over time.

Find Root Cause of Performance Errors

Troubleshoot Containers in Real Time

Identify and troubleshoot in real time to help quickly isolate the specific container causing the issue. Determine whether the container, or the application that is running the container is at fault for performance errors.

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Modern Architecture. Complex Problems. Splunk Solutions.

Splunk apps for container monitoring provide the ideal solution to ensure your containers are available, and issues are fixed quickly with minimal effort.

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