Our product names have changed!

Our product names have changed! Learn More

Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

Faster innovation and maximum performance with the unrivaled, cloud-native Splunk APM

No Trace Left Behind

Ensure that no anomaly goes undetected with our NoSample™ Full-Fidelity trace ingestion that analyzes all traces

Act on Your Data, in Real-Time

Reduce MTTR with our real-time, AI-driven directed troubleshooting

Product Capabilities
Data for peak application and DevOps performance
Find Any Anomaly

NoSample™ Full-Fidelity trace ingestion analyzes and stores all traces with unprecedented granularity, so that any anomaly is detected and flagged.

Minimize MTTR

AI-driven directed troubleshooting, combined with infinite cardinality trace exploration, helps DevOps teams to quickly find misbehaving components that cause performance degradation.

Choose the Best Tools for You

Trace data is collected for multiple programming languages and open source frameworks via automatic or manual instrumentation so that you can choose the tools that fit your environment best.

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