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Incident Repsonse

Automate Incident Response

When incidents affect your services, every minute counts. Make prolonged service outages a thing of the past with unparalleled incident response, fully customizable case management, escalation rules, and a streamlined on-call interface that you can use from anywhere.

Resolve Outages Quickly

Deliver the right alerts to the right people to reduce time for incident resolution. Get contextual alert information, suggestions driven from machine learning and improved collaboration while capturing essential remediation data.

Collaborate and Improve On-Call

Streamline on-call schedules and escalation policies. Additionally, tap into the Splunk On-Call ChatOps experience, integration capabilities, incident timelines and reporting for easy accountability. It's never been simpler to engage people wherever they work with mobile-first experiences.

splunk On-Call Integrations

Splunk On-Call Works the Way You Work

Whatever tools you're already using Splunk On-Call easily integrates.

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