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Cybersecurity Incident Response Management

Shorten investigation cycles while better prioritizing, confirming and taking actions on higher priority threat.

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It shouldn't take you 99 days to go from compromise to detection

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Adaptive Response

Respond quickly and appropriately with an Adaptive Response Framework that initiates automated workflows

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A Single Source of Truth

Share critical security intelligence across teams from a single platform.

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Confidently Take Action

Confirm and take action on higher priority threats from across your security ecosystem

Why Splunk for Incident Response Management?

Splunk enables analysts to gain a rapid understanding of threats in their environment in order to optimize triage and remediation, speeding up detection and incident response. This is important because in the event of a potential threat, collecting and analyzing relevant data to verify and remediate the threat can often take days or weeks without the proper tools.

Splunk's Adaptive Response can shorten the response cycle by enabling automated workflow actions so analysts can focus on remediation and threat hunting instead of sorting out alerts. With Phantom, you can automate tasks, orchestrate workflows and support a broad range of SOC functions including event and case management, collaboration, and reporting.

Accelerating response is a challenge in today's complex IT environments. Splunk reduces dwell time and also provides analysts with the tools to prioritize and respond to higher priority threats.

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Going All-In on Cloud is the Key to Thriving in the Data Age

Understanding customer volume patterns is important for the business. Splunk machine learning allows us to investigate early to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Steve Koelpin, Lead Splunk Developer, TransUnion

Stay apprised and nimble by proactively responding to potential threats

Take Action. Fast.

Confirm and take specific actions on higher-priority threats with the help of data from across all your technology stacks.

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Seeing is Believing

Shorten investigation cycles with visual analysis, graphical representation of thresholds, alarms, indicators and trends..

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Don't Let the Investigation Get in the Way

IStreamline security operations with rapid investigations powered by ad hoc searches as well as static, dynamic and visual correlations.

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Splunk Enterprise Security Content Update

Splunkbase enhances and extends the Splunk platform with a library of hundreds of apps and add-ons from Splunk, our partners and our community.

Splunk ES Content Update is a subscription service used with Splunk Enterprise Security, which makes it possible for security analysts to proactively stay current with the changing threat landscape by leveraging additional knowledge done by the Splunk Security Research team. Subscribers get regular updates to help security practitioners of all skill levels stay current with the latest cyber threat trends and defense tactics in order to quickly address those threats.

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Financial Services

Respond to financial incidents fast

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Diagnose and treat security incidents before they become an epidemic

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Public Sector

Find critical incidents before the public does

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