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11 min read
Together, Cisco and Splunk can unlock many more opportunities to help securely connect everything all while building a safer and more resilient digital world.

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Leadership 7 Min Read

Leveraging Splunk Dashboards for Executive Visibility

Splunk's real-time dashboards provide comprehensive visibility into all of an organization's systems, enabling them to identify and address key risks and issues before they become major incidents.
Leadership 3 Min Read

Thousands of Customer-Driven Splunk Ideas Help Accelerate Meaningful Innovation

Our Tom Casey emphasizes the importance of customer feedback, idea implementation, and transparent communication for driving innovation here at Splunk.
Leadership 1 Min Read

Splunk Welcomes Alexandra Turbitt as the New General Vice President of its EMEA Partner Organisation

Get to know Splunk's new GVP of Splunk’s EMEA Partner Organisation, Alexandra Turbitt.
Leadership 2 Min Read

A Vision for the Future of Cyber

It’s becoming crystal clear that there is a disparity between the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals and the available talent pool.
Leadership 2 Min Read

Standing Up for the Global Free Flow of Data

Globalisation is being put into question; geopolitics has never generated so much uncertainty; digitalisation is seen as an opportunity, but also as a new source of risks. As part of these trends, we see the emergence of more and more barriers to the global free flow of data, particularly in the form of local data storage requirements.
Leadership 2 Min Read

Industry Leaders Share Thoughts on the Cyber Talent Gap

Eric Fusilero is honored to be part of an esteemed panel of leaders who are thinking about innovative solutions to help fill the job vacancies being perpetuated by the ever-changing, data-centric industry.
Leadership 6 Min Read

Are You a Good or Great Boxer? Real-World Approaches of Building Cyber Resilience in 2023

You must have been asleep not to have heard about Splunk’s new mission - ‘to build a safer and more resilient digital world’. Why have we chosen this? Well, not because it is a snappy little tagline, but because we know how important digital resilience is to all of our customers in our ever changing times.
Leadership 3 Min Read

Building a Safer and More Resilient Digital World

Splunk CEO, Gary Steele, reflects on his first year and the moments that have shown how Splunk provides mission-critical value to security, IT and engineering teams globally.
Leadership 5 Min Read

Public Sector Predictions - the highlights for 2023 and two challenges that the public sector faces

Sean Price takes a look at two challenges facing the public sector today.