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Chrissy Kidd

Chrissy Kidd is a technology writer, editor and speaker. Part of Splunk’s growth marketing team, Chrissy translates technical concepts to a broad audience. She’s particularly interested in the ways technology intersects with our daily lives.

Learn 5 Min Read

Log Analytics: Everything To Know About Analyzing Log Data

Breaking news: Log data can provide a ton of value, if you know how to do it right. Read on to get everything you need to know to maximize value from logs.
Learn 2 Min Read

Splunk Open Source: What To Know

Get the latest on open-source products and solutions from Splunk, plus a ton of excellent, free (!!), hands-on resources for exploring with Splunk.
Learn 4 Min Read

Federated Search Explained: How It Works, Phases & Challenges with Searching

Searching isn’t as easy as you think: did Google get your request? Are you pinging multiple databases? Is ChatGPT involved? Learn all about federated search here.
Learn 11 Min Read

Monitoring vs Observability vs Telemetry: What's The Difference?

Don’t be confused, be creative. Observability is a lot more than mere monitoring. In fact, the possibilities are practically endless. Find out more here.
Learn 4 Min Read

Ransomware Families & RaaS Groups

Every 19 seconds a ransomware attack launches. Are these standalone attacks? Are they operating within a ransomware family of shared knowledge? Find out here.
Learn 8 Min Read

CIA Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability

The CIA Triad is a security fundamental, but is it outdated? See what experts have to say about confidentiality, integrity & availability in this article.
Learn 4 Min Read

Splunk Universal Forwarder

In this blog post you can learn about Splunk Universal Forwarders - what they are, why to use them, how they work, and resources to get started.
Learn 9 Min Read

Data Encryption Methods & Types: Beginner’s Guide To Encryption

Data encryption is one way to protect sensitive information. Our beginner guide details how encrypting data works: methods, types, algorithms & best practices.
Learn 6 Min Read

What’s InfoSec? Information Security Explained

Learn about InfoSec in this educational introduction. Information security is a major component of cybersecurity focused on protecting sensitive data.
Learn 5 Min Read

What's Data Quality? Its Importance in 2024

Ensure you're working with quality data, and know why it matters. Brush up on data quality and integrity with this overview of key concepts.
Learn 9 Min Read

Cyber Kill Chains Explained: Phases, Pros/Cons & Security Tactics

A cyber kill chain framework can help organizations to better understand and combat attacks. Learn about the evolution and applications of the cyber kill chain.
Learn 8 Min Read

How DevOps Monitoring Works: Concepts, Types & Best Practices

Learn about DevOps monitoring, including the key practices, principles and tools required that help to support and improve the software development lifecycle.
Learn 7 Min Read

How To Choose Cybersecurity Frameworks For Your Organization

Kickstart or enhance your security strategy with a cybersecurity framework. See the best frameworks and understand which are right for your organization.
Learn 3 Min Read

Incident Severity Levels 1-5 Explained

Incident severity levels indicate how an incident impacts your customers, so you can prioritize and respond appropriately. Learn how to define and use them.
Learn 4 Min Read

Vulnerabilities, Threats & Risk Explained

Vulnerability, threat and risk are three fundamental concepts in cybersecurity. Learn from industry experts how they differ and play out in IT environments.
Learn 5 Min Read

The Democratization of Data: The Pros & Cons of All That Data

Data democratization means that more people have access to data than ever before. Is this good, bad or complicated? Explore the pros and cons of all this data.