Splunk App for VMware

Comprehensive cross-tier visibility for your virtualized environment

While VMware virtualization brings efficiencies in datacenter management, it also creates a complex infrastructure that is often difficult to monitor. The uncoupled nature of virtual resources and underlying physical hardware can cause complex challenges during incident investigations, capacity analyses, change tracking and security reporting.

Use the Splunk App for VMware to unlock immediate value from your VMware vSphere data, including:

  • Host and VM performance metrics at 20-second granularity
  • ESXi host and vCenter logs
  • vCenter Inventory and topology
  • vCenter Server tasks and events

View the overall health of your IT environment or drill down to collect in-depth insights of your VMware infrastructure. Correlate data from any technology tier such as virtualization, applications, operating systems, network and more and gain operational efficiencies. Accelerate cross-tier visibility into storage environments with built-in correlation, including direct drill-down into NetApp Data ONTAP storage systems.


Splunk App for VMware screenshots

Real-time operational insights into VMware environments.

Gain in-depth visibility into your VMware vSphere infrastructure with the Splunk App for VMware. The app installs quickly and scales rapidly, giving you powerful insights into the largest of virtualized environments. Analyze and explore virtualization data for ad hoc analytics, powered by accelerated Splunk searches.

Use over 200 built-in reports to get at-a-glance performance insights as well as operational analytics such as performance, availability, security, capacity , forecasting, outlier detection and change tracking. Adapt these reports for role-based customized dashboards. Accelerate troubleshooting, optimize capacity and streamline workloads with out-of-the-box correlation between VMware and storage systems. Make in-depth investigations by drilling down into granular NetApp Data ONTAP storage metrics and data, harnessed by the Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP.

Real-time Operational Performance Insights

Get immediate visibility into the health of your VMware environment. Instantly identify VMs, hosts and datastore problem areas. Persist data over time to identify the performance impact of resource configurations. Get detailed reports based on the 20-second granular metrics for deep-dive diagnostics and long-term trending and analytics. Explore unique errors and exceptions by relating in-depth performance metrics with VC and ESXi log data within a single console.

Interactive Topology Maps for Instant Visibility

Access the health of individual virtual entities based on pre-defined thresholds. Drill down from higher-level reports into topology views. Visualize trends that display the performance of the current node in comparison to the rest of the VMware infrastructure. Accelerate troubleshooting by comparing one or more virtual resources and associated key performance indicators for immediate triage. Topology maps also let you identify any performance deviations or resource utilization issues in your virtual infrastructure.

Security Insights on Virtual Assets

Actively manage suspicious user activity, potential attacks and changes to users and ESXi hosts with out-of-the-box security reports. Ensure appropriate controls are implemented with insights into user-access and an audit of tasks and events on your virtual infrastructure.

Configurable Capacity Reporting

Gain visibility into real-time CPU, memory, disk and datastore consumption. Alert proactively when capacity shortfalls occur. Reclaim unused space or re-allocate additional resources for optimal user experience. Trend utilization over time and optimize based on consumption. Forecast on CPU, memory and disk capacity needs and performance levels of hosts, VMs and datastores by trending historical resource utilization data.

Change Tracking and Asset Reporting

Audit changes to the environment, users and roles and ascertain the scope and impact of changes that could negatively affect availability, performance, security and capacity. Keep up-to-date on virtual assets and trend performance impact on VMs that are in motion. Report on the status of assets on the dynamic VMware environment in real-time.

Virtualization-Storage correlation

Identify under- or over-utilized storage resources, disk IOPS by ESXi hosts/VMs and discover hidden performance problems and capacity constraints with out-of-the-box correlation between VMware and storage systems. Built-in reports map the VMware datastore to the corresponding NetApp volumes provide correlated insights into the latency and IOPS. Logically drill down into specific NetApp filers for deep dive analysis on the storage performance parameters, storage controllers and volume configurations, indexed comprehensively by Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP.

Why Splunk

The Splunk App for VMware provides in-depth insights into your VMware deployments. With Splunk you can,

  • Access health maps to gain insights into your environment and logically drill down using topology maps to diagnose issues, detect outliers and access granular metrics, logs and configuration changes
  • Persist granular data for longer periods of time to analyze, report, trend and optimize your VMware infrastructure
  • Cross-correlate data across multiple diverse data sources for a consolidated view of your physical, virtual and hybrid cloud infrastructures and services, with built-in correlation into storage systems


Splunk App for VMware

The Splunk App for VMware provides deep operational visibility into granular performance metrics, logs, tasks, events and topology from hosts, virtual machines and virtual centers. Empower your administrators with an accurate real-time picture of the health of the environment, proactively identifying performance, security, capacity issues and changes. Accelerate troubleshooting with built-in correlation into storage environments including a direct drill-down into NetApp Data ONTAP storage systems

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Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP

The Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP provides instant operational visibility into health of your NetApp storage systems with quick drill-downs to all relevant metrics, log and event data. It helps IT professionals reduce time to resolution, proactively plan their storage capacities for optimal applications performance and identify anomalies in latency or throughput.