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Program Overview

Welcome to the new Splunk Certification program! As of Fall 2018, we've rolled out all-new exam content and three brand new certifications. You can use the left-hand sidebar to browse the new offerings, as well as view and register for prerequisite courses.

Looking for exam registration? Check out our Exam Registration Tutorial for step-by-step guidance.

We're very excited to announce one of the most exciting new features of our program: candidates who earn the new certifications will be granted digital badges (and, of course, bragging rights).

Here's a bit more general information about the current program:

- Exam registration costs $125 USD (or five registrations for $500 USD).

- All exams are closed-book. This means that course materials, personal notes, and any other reference materials (including online resources) are strictly prohibited.

- No legacy certifications will receive automatic recertification. For more information about keeping your certifications up-to-date, please visit our recertification page.

- To help with exam preparation, we've published exam blueprints for each certification exam. These documents provide candidates with a full list of topics covered by each certification exam and serve as an overall study guide for the new exams. Please visit our Certification Exams page to download (hint: scroll down the page to find them!).

For a comprehensive overview of our program offerings, policies, and a full list of frequently asked questions, please download our Splunk Certification Handbook.

This all-new resource was created to be a one-stop-shop to address most of the questions our team receives on a regular basis. Please review it in full prior to contacting our team for one-on-one assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can fill out this form to update or correct your Pearson VUE account information. The changes should reflect in your Pearson VUE account within 4 hours. Please contact certification@splunk.com if this is not the case.

As part of the Fall 2018 relaunch, we're also updating the way we version our certifications. Our goal is to minimize confusion and simplify the recertification process in the years to come. For this reason, we are not tying certification versions to product versions. In other words, these certifications are not V7 (or V6 or V8...).


The following life-cycles will apply to recertifications moving forward, beginning with the date the digital badge was received:


Splunk Core Certified User - 2 years
Splunk Core Certified Power User - 2 years
Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin - 2 years
Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect - 3 years
Splunk Certified Developer - 3 years
Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin - 3 years
Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin - 3 years

First things first: congratulations!


The general timeline after passing the new certification exams is as follows:


- Within 24 hours you will see your new certification in your Splunk account (via your Customer Support Portal or your Partner Portal). For instructions to access your certifications, please click here.


- Within 24 hours you will receive the next-level Authorization to Test from Pearson VUE. You can also log in to your Pearson VUE account to see your eligible exams in your account profile. If this is not the case and you've already completed the prerequisite coursework, please send an email to certification@splunk.com for assistance.


- Last, but certainly not least, you can expect to receive communication regarding your digital badge within 5-7 days. Please note: the email will come from admin@youracclaim.com and may be routed to your spam or quarantined mail folder. We recommend whitelisting this email address in advance to ensure you receive the communication.

Generally speaking, $125 (per certification).


To clarify, for candidates who hold V6.x certifications and wish to maintain their highest level certification, the only cost is the new exam fee: $125.

Candidates who pass the new certification exams will earn all downstream certifications (with the exception of Splunk Certified Developer, which will be a standalone certification for those who pass the exam).


This means that, for example, if you pass the Splunk Core Certified Power User exam, you'll also get the digital badge for Splunk Core Certified User for a total cost of $125!


Candidates who hold V6.x certifications that wish to "level up" (for example: Power User to Admin) will need to complete (and pay for) the prerequisite coursework, followed by the exam. Even in this case, the NET cost is $125, as the courses have always had a registration fee. As with the scenario above, candidates who level up will earn all downstream certifications.


The exceptions to the rule are candidates with out of date certifications (like Splunk Certified Knowledge Managers who never earned their Power User certification). These individuals have received targeted communications outlining their path to recertification and can find more information on our recertification page.


For all candidates looking for more information on recertification including downloadable sample scenarios, clearly outlined paths for existing cert-holders, and additional downloadable reference materials, please visit our recertification page.

As of October 1, 2019, your (V6.x and older) certification(s) will be considered out-of-date.


You will not be granted a digital badge. Digital badges will only be granted to cert-holders under the new program.


This means that, moving forward, if a third party (potential employer, etc.) contacts us to verify your certifications, we would be able to verify that you hold an outdated certification.


Please note -  Splunk will never provide information regarding your certifications to a third party without your written consent. 

Accreditations Questions?

Splunk Partners - please visit the Accreditations FAQ page for more information on the Sales, SME, or PS learning paths.

Note - you must be logged into your Partner Portal to access this link. Any questions not answered via the FAQ page can be directed to accreditations@splunk.com.

Certification Program Policies

As part of our program relaunch, we've updated existing policies and added new policies. Please feel free to download and review all of the following to better understand our program terms and conditions:

- Splunk Certification Agreement

- Retake Policy

- Testing Accommodations Policy

- Minors Parental Consent Form

- Splunk Privacy Policy

- Splunk Terms of Use

If you believe you have noted an error on an exam or believe that a specific question you saw on a Splunk Certification exam is invalid, you may ​submit the Certification Exam Challenge Form found here.