Splunk Core Certified Power User

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A Splunk Core Certified Power User has a basic understanding of SPL searching and reporting commands and can create knowledge objects, use field aliases and calculated fields, create tags and event types, use macros, create workflow actions and data models, and normalize data with the Common Information Model in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud platforms. This certification demonstrates an individual's foundational competence of Splunk’s core software.

The prerequisites listed below (including both coursework and Splunk Core Certified User exam) are highly recommended, but not required for candidates to register for the certification exam.


Splunk Fundamentals 1

This self-paced course teaches you how to search and navigate in Splunk, use fields, get statics from your data, create reports, dashboards, lookups, and alerts. It will also introduce you to Splunk's datasets features and Pivot interface.

Certification Exam

Splunk Core Certified User is a recommended entry-level exam to Splunk Core Certified Power User. We encourage all candidates to become Splunk Core Certified Users as their first step in our certification program, though it is not required.

Please see our Exam Registration Tutorial and Certification FAQ for additional assistance!

Splunk Fundamentals 2

This 4 virtual-day course focuses on additional SPL commands, using field aliases and calculated fields, creating tags and event types, using macros, creating workflow actions and data models, and normalizing data with the CIM. 

Certification Exam

It's time to put your knowledge to the test.

Our Exam Registration Tutorial will guide you through the registration process and the Splunk Certification Exams Study Guide will guide your study efforts.

Good luck!