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#SplunkCertification is excited to be working with industry leader Pearson VUE on exam delivery. Whether you're just starting your certification journey or working to get recertified, please read the details below, as a lot has changed with our program.

Looking for the best way to prepare for an upcoming exam? Scroll down to access our exam blueprints. These comprehensive study guides include a detailed breakdown of the topics included on each exam, with the relative percentage of exam content. Your study efforts just got a major upgrade!

As a reminder, candidates who pass the new certification exams will be granted all-new digital badges and, of course, bragging rights.

The Details
  • For all candidates attempting their first exam under the new program, please start by filling out this form to connect your Splunk account to your new Pearson VUE account. This only needs to be done once.
  • Once your accounts are connected (which may take up to 3 business days), you will receive your exam authorizations via email. If you have not received any communication from Pearson VUE after 3 business days, please send an email to certification@splunk.com for assistance.
  • These authorization emails will contain your "Splunk ID" (hint: not your Splunk.com username), which you'll use to create an account at pearsonvue.com/splunk. Your Splunk ID will look like PV-12345678.
  • You can register for the exam at a Pearson VUE testing facility near you, or in your home or office via online proctor. For any questions regarding exam delivery, please contact Pearson VUE directly.
  • As a reminder, exam registration costs $125 USD (or five registrations for $500 USD). For company-specific questions regarding cost, please work with your supervisor, in-house training department, and Splunk account rep.
  • For all other instructions and policies, please refer to our Exam Registration Tutorial and our Splunk Certification Handbook.

The Blueprints

Looking for Accreditations?

Splunk Partners - please visit the Accreditations FAQ page for more information on how these changes affect your Accreditations. Note - you must be logged into your Partner Portal to access this link.


Any questions not answered via the FAQ page can be directed to accreditations@splunk.com.

*Splunk Certified Developer, Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin, and Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin are currently in their beta phase. This means that candidates who complete the exam will not immediately receive pass/fail results. Our targeted date for announcing results to individuals who complete these exams is early 2019, but this is dependent on getting adequate performance data. Registration for beta exams is free at the time of registration (no voucher code required).