Monitor any environment on a massively scalable streaming architecture

Product Capabilities
Monitor infrastructure performance in real-time at cloud scale through predictive streaming analytics
Instant Visualization

Over 200 pre-built integrations for cloud services and out-of-the-box dashboards for rapid visualization of your entire stack. Autodiscover, breakdown, group, and explore clouds, services and systems. Quickly and easily understand how your infrastructure behaves across different services, availability zones, Kubernetes clusters and more.

Real-Time Actionable Alerts

Act before infrastructure performance affects end-user experience. With built-in data science, Splunk instantly and accurately alerts on dynamic thresholds, multiple conditions and complex rules to eliminate alert storms and dramatically reduce mean-time-to-detect.

Deep Business Insights

Answer business-critical questions like, “Are our services contributing to a good experience for the consumer?” Monitor SLOs and SLIs with instant, service-level insights. Additionally, custom metrics for business KPIs means you can track the number of products sold, cost per workload and more in real time.

Scale With Confidence

Analyze performance across hundreds of thousands of ephemeral components, multiple deployment environments, application versions and billions of events. Achieve DevOps agility with monitoring-as-code. Drive closed-loop automation such as auto-scaling to ensure a flawless end-user experience.

What can you do with Splunk?