The Power of Splunk Search

At the core of the Splunk platform is SPL™, Splunk’s Search Processing Language. SPL is a language with immense capability that’s easy to learn. It gives you the power to ask
ANY question of ANY machine data.


The Splunk platform transforms massive amounts of machine-generated data into time-series events that can be used to answer business and operational questions in real time.

How can I correlate events across my infrastructure for service level visibility?

How can I understand usage patterns and geographical trends?

How can I monitor system performance, security and compliance issues?

What Makes Machine Data Different?

  • It contains massive amounts of unstructured time-series data with no predefined schema
  • It is generated by all technology systems—from applications and servers, to networks and sensors
  • It is data that is unpredictable and has infinite possible formats

Why SPL?

Splunk’s SPL combines the best capabilities of SQL with the Unix pipeline syntax allowing you to:

  • Access all data in its original format
  • Optimize for time-series events
  • Use the same language for visualizations