Real-time Applications Intelligence for Superior Customer Experience

Splunk Stream is an easy-to-use scalable software solution that delivers visibility into application and infrastructure performance without the need for deep instrumentation. Use Splunk Stream to:

  • Gain real-time application intelligence for optimum customer experience
  • Understand performance of your cloud services
  • Deliver immediate insights from streaming network data
  • Accelerate time-to-value with an easy-to-deploy and manage software solution

Why Splunk Stream?

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Maximize Applications Availability

Comprehensive visibility into application transactions, HTTP error codes, top URLs, web content, database queries and more, without the need for point monitoring tools.
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Improve Response Time

Analyze application response times across the entire app delivery chain to proactively determine the root cause of any latencies before your customers notice.
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Proactively Plan Application Growth

Understand application traffic in real-time to proactively baseline and allocate infrastructure capacity for optimum applications performance and growth.
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Reduce MTTR for Complex Applications

Dramatically reduce troubleshooting times with real-time visibility into the performance of distributed applications, errors and latencies.
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Get Real User Monitoring

Securely and passively collects and indexes all user transactions and correlates with other data for insights into which elements are impacting the user experience.
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Make Analytics-Driven Business Decisions

Understand customer demographics, buying habits and application traffic on digital channels during marketing campaigns to make better business decisions.
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"When Splunk alerts tell us there’s a problem, Splunk Stream allows us to drill down into the nature of the problem and gain actionable information. This is relevant at all levels of the organization, whether it’s providing a high-level report to the executive team, or being on point with our customer base."

- Kris Laxdal, Head of Information Security at CanDeal

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Application Performance Monitoring

Splunk Stream extracts insight from streaming network data and makes it available to all IT teams. Splunk customers can utilize pre-built dashboards to:

Assess the load and health of your environment with insights into all web activity including response times, processing times and overall amount of requests
Pinpoint and troubleshoot application errors
Make informed business decisions by analyzing trends in requested URLs

Application Performance Monitoring
Database Activity and Performance Monitoring

Database Activity and Performance Monitoring

Splunk Stream provides real-time and passive database monitoring. Unlike traditional tools, which can have a direct impact on a monitored database, Stream does not impact database performance. Application support and developer teams can gain instant access and visibility into all database activity, transactions and performance.

Gain insight into database latencies and response times
Baseline and understand database server loads for proactive capacity planning
Understand database user activity for effective audit and change management

Security Insights

Collecting, analyzing and processing DNS communication in real-time helps prevent many security and operational issues. Use the pre-built DNS reporting to:

Prevent server overload and avoid increased response times, frequently seen during Denial of Service (DNS) attacks
Baseline and detect anomalies in DNS communication for potential operational and security issues
Ensure error-free application communications
Understand commonly requested domains for compliance (PCI) or business insights
Detect DNS spoofing attacks

Security Insights

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