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Learn why GigaOm named Splunk a Leader and the ONLY Outperformer on the Observability Radar.
Learn why GigaOm named Splunk a Leader and the ONLY Outperformer on the Observability Radar.


Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Whether on-prem, hybrid or multicloud, Splunk delivers real-time monitoring and troubleshooting to help you maximize infrastructure performance with complete visibility.



Accurately visualize, detect and resolve issues as soon as they arise


Instant visualization

Get fast time to value with over 250+ cloud service integrations and pre-built dashboards out of the box for rapid, full-stack visualization. Autodiscover, break down, group, and explore clouds, services and systems in minutes.

fix problems
scale without barriers

Real-time actionable alerts

Act before infrastructure performance affects end-user experience. Instantly detect and accurately alerts on dynamic thresholds, multiple conditions and complex rules to eliminate alert storms and dramatically reduce MTTD/MTTR.

Centralized, enterprise controls

Answer business-critical questions in context and monitor service-level objectives and indicators instantly. Track custom metrics for business KPIs to token based access and usage controls.

ai driven analytics
scale with confidence

Scale with confidence

Troubleshoot across thousands of microservices, multiple ephemeral deployments, application versions and billions of events. Release better apps faster and drive closed-loop automation for a flawless end-user experience.


Speed, scale and analytics for hybrid infrastructure monitoring

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring is a purpose-built metrics platform to address real-time cloud monitoring requirements at scale.

full stack visibility full stack visibility

Full-stack visibility

Seamless correlation between your hybrid infrastructure and microservices paints a clearer picture with in-context insights for directed troubleshooting with no context switching.

real-time streaming analytics real-time streaming analytics

Real-time streaming analytics

When every second counts, only streaming architecture can ingest, analyze and alert in seconds. Blend metrics and logs for in-flight analytics from a single, integrated dashboard.

Centralized management Centralized management

Centralized management

Shift-left monitoring with programmable APIs and monitor-as-code in CI/CD with transparency and enterprise controls for self-service deployment.

High cardinality data exploration High cardinality data exploration

High cardinality data exploration

Leverage full-fidelity data from any source, at any scale. Slice and dice your data before clicking on related content for deep, root-cause analysis. Future-proof your investment with a solution that grows with your organization’s data needs.

predictive analytics predictive analytics

Instant Kubernetes-based network visibility

Remove the guesswork during cloud network issues and easily identify the source and impact of your network outages, reducing your MTTD and production downtime.

Advanced Kubernetes monitoring Advanced Kubernetes monitoring

Advanced Kubernetes monitoring

Automatically discover and instantly visualize Kubernetes objects, their health and their performance with customizable dashboards and charts.

lenovo background lenovo background


Lenovo Offers Frictionless E-Commerce Experience With Splunk Observability

Splunk is a great investment for us, as it remarkably improves our operational efficiency and achieves better team collaboration. Thanks to this great tool, our operations team troubleshoots issues much faster than ever before.

Ben Leong, Director of Operations, Online and eCommerce Platform, Lenovo
~5 min MTTR
compared to previous 30 mins
100% uptime
despite online traffic increase of 300%


Over 250+
out-of-the-box integrations



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