Splunk Developer Spring 2022 Update

Things are warming up this Spring! .conf22 is happening soon in Las Vegas (and virtual if you aren’t able to join) with lots of great content for you as Splunk app developers, as well as exciting announcements across the Splunk product portfolio. The season has been busy with SDK updates, and an announced deprecation of one SDK. There are some new AppInspect checks to improve the quality of your Splunk apps. Keep reading for more details.

.conf22 in Las Vegas or Virtual from Anywhere!

Have you signed up for Splunk .conf22? We’re back live in Las Vegas from June 13-16 with pre-conference training available, too! There are 16 great breakout sessions for Splunk developers plus new this year is the Builder Bar, an area just off the source=*Pavilion where folks can gather and talk about building on the Splunk platform—from dashboards to searches to getting data in, all the way to delivering apps for Splunkbase. The Builder Bar opens on Monday with registration, so come on over and hang out in our pub, chat with peers, play some games and leave with new insights and some fun swag.

If you are coming to Las Vegas and want to dig in and “get some code under your fingernails," join our in-person hands-on Thursday session: DEV1749 - Build Your First Splunk App in Less Than 90 Minutes. Enter with your laptop and the latest Splunk Enterprise download and walk out 90 minutes later with a running Splunk app you build during the session and modify further after the session.

SDK Updates

Have you updated your app with the latest Splunk Enterprise SDK for Python v1.6.19? Staying up to date with the newest releases ensures that your app stays compatible with the latest updates of Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise. This update includes a new JSONResultsReader with 80-90% performance improvement over the now-deprecated ResultsReader, plus a few more new features, bug fixes, and minor changes. See the updated readme and changelog for more details.

The Splunk Enterprise SDK for C# 2.x is now deprecated, with no feature enhancements in the future, and support ending in July 2022. The docs relating to this SDK will soon be removed from and will only be available in the GitHub repository. If you have an app that is built with this SDK, please update your app to use a supported SDK for Python, Java, or JavaScript), or directly access the Splunk REST API in a language of your choice. 

New AppInspect Checks

Splunk recently added the following AppInspect checks:

  • Added Check_for_addon_builder_version - checks that the app is using the latest compatible versions of Add-on Builder for updated jQuery and Python libraries
  • Added check_hotlinking_splunk_web_libraries as a warning for front-end JavaScript dependencies

Note: AppInspect checks are added and modified as needed to maintain the security and compatibility of apps with the Splunk platform, we recommend that you run AppInspect CLI and API regularly against your apps and add-ons, preferably every two weeks, even if there are no changes in your app source code. Setting up AppInspect in a CI/CD system is a great way to automate this.

You can keep up with the latest AppInspect releases in the “AppInspect Updates” section of the “What's new on the Splunk Developer Portal for Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise” page on

Keep Up to Date

Thanks for reading the blog to the end! You can keep up with the latest in Splunk Blogs updates, and the latest developer portal updates on the “What's new on the Splunk Developer Portal for Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise” page.

Follow all the conversations coming out of #splunkconf22!

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