Splunk Developer Fall 2021 Update

While it’s cooling down here in California as Fall arrives, we have some really hot and exciting updates from .conf21, including the announcement of Splunk Cloud Developer Edition, the new Splunkbase user experience, detailed guidelines to help you deliver cloud-ready apps for Splunk Cloud Platform, AppInspect updates with new checks, a helpful blog about storing app secrets, updated docs for Modular Inputs and External Lookups, a summary of SDK updates, and more.

Keep up with all the latest at the What's new on the Splunk Developer Portal for Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise page on


Did you join us for the online virtual experience? With more than 200 sessions presented, you might not have made it to all of the Splunk Developer track breakout sessions. But not to worry, they’re all available online now for you to watch new or watch again! Head over to and catch them all!

Splunk Cloud Developer Edition

Did you sign up for early access to Splunk Cloud Developer Edition? This program helps you test your apps for Splunk Cloud Platform readiness. Use in-product guided experiences to install, configure, and test your app's features with sample data. Get all the details in the .conf21 session DEV1783C - From "Create From Template..." to "App Installed Successfully" in Splunk Cloud Platform in Less Than 60 Minutes. And sign up to get early access at

New Splunkbase User Experience

Have you visited Splunkbase lately? Click the pink “Try New Experience” button in the upper navbar to see the future of the Splunk apps marketplace! We are designing a New Splunkbase to improve search and discoverability of apps. Check out our new and improved features like Categories and Collections. New Splunkbase is currently in preview mode, as it is under active development. We welcome you to navigate New Splunkbase and give us your feedback!

Building Cloud-ready Apps is Getting Easier

Did you see the recently published Cloud Ready App Guidlines for Splunk Cloud Platform content? The details will help you go build apps that are compatible with Splunk Cloud Platform. In the future you will be able to configure and test your app with the Splunk Cloud Developer Edition, recently announced at .conf21. You can sign up at and get the details in the replay of session DEV1783 From "Create From Template..." to "App Installed Successfully" in Splunk Cloud Platform in Less Than 60 Minutes”

AppInspect Updates with New Checks

To keep Splunk and apps running efficiently and securely, we regularly add, update, and remove checks from AppInspect. When a new check is added, and it affects your app, you will have at least three months to update your app before the check goes from warning to fail and your app would be impacted. In October, AppInspect was updated. Read more in the AppInspect API Release Notes and the AppInspect CLI Release Notes.

New Splunk UI Framework

Did you catch the .conf21 session DEV1134A - Introducing Splunk UI Framework: Build Splunk Apps with React? Splunk has officially released the Splunk UI Framework with complete documentation so you can use these new UI components in your apps. Get all of the details in the Splunk UI Portal and also see the session DEV1328C - How I Built It: Extending the New Dashboard Framework for Real-World Applications and DEV1595B - Splunk + React = :Mindblown: for some great examples of these components at work.

Storing Encrypted Secrets in a Splunk App

Does your Splunk app integrate with a third-party service or API? If so, that service might require your app’s users to authenticate using a secret. You can securely store and retrieve secrets in an app using the capabilities of the Splunk platform. Get all of the details in the Store Encrypted Secrets in a Splunk App blog.

Doc Updates

Take a look at these completely updated docs on

SDK Updates

So many updates to the SDKs that I won’t list them all here, but rather just link over to the release notes so you can get the latest updates.

Remember to update your apps with the latest SDK updates for best performance, security, and bug fixes.

Support for SplunkEnterprise 7.3, 8.0 is ending soon.

Keep up to date with the latest supported versions of Splunk products on the Splunk Support Policy page. Here you’ll find the dates when releases of Splunk products are no longer supported. End of support for Splunk Enterprise 7.3 and 8.0 are coming on October 22, 2021 (unless otherwise updated on the Support Policy page).

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