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DevOps 7 Min Read

Harnessing the Power of Splunk APM Business Workflows in IT Service Intelligence

The latest release of the Splunk ITSI Content Pack for Splunk Observability Cloud now enables the automatic creation of ITSI services using service topologies from Splunk APM Business Workflows.
DevOps 11 Min Read

Don’t Live in the Past - APM 3.0 and Why You Need It

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) as a discipline and as a collection of supporting technologies has evolved rapidly since a distinct recognisable market for APM products first emerged in the 2007 - 2008 time frame. While there are many who would argue that APM has mutated into or been replaced by Observability, it makes more sense to see APM as one of many possible use cases now able to exploit the functionalities that Observability brings to the table - particularly when combined with AI.
DevOps 2 Min Read

New APM Capabilities Help Optimize Application Performance Across Monoliths or Microservices

New Splunk APM releases help you quickly identify the biggest problems impacting customer experience and service performance across your applications.
DevOps 2 Min Read

New Splunk APM Enhancements Help Troubleshoot Your MySQL and NoSQL Databases Faster

Splunk Observability is making it quicker and easier to troubleshoot latency in MySQL and NoSQL databases, with two new enhancements.
DevOps 3 Min Read

Splunk APM Expands Code Profiling Capabilities with Several New GAs

We’re excited to share new Splunk capabilities to help measure how code performance impacts your services – Splunk APM’s AlwaysOn Profiling now supports .NET and Node.js applications for CPU profiling and Java applications for memory profiling.
DevOps 3 Min Read

Announcing the General Availability of Synthetic Monitoring Within Splunk Observability

Splunk now offers fully integrated synthetic monitoring within Observability, helping IT and engineering teams proactively detect and resolve performance problems before they reach customers, with full visibility from the end user experience, through backend service performance
DevOps 3 Min Read

Splunk Remains the Leader in APM and Observability — GigaOm Report Confirms It

We're extremely proud that in its inaugural report, GigaOm Radar for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Report, 2021*, Splunk was named a Leader and one of only two Fast Movers.
DevOps 2 Min Read

Splunk RUM Frontend Error Monitoring is Now Generally Available!

Splunk RUM Frontend Error Monitoring Helps engineering teams quickly scope, prioritize, and isolate their most impactful customer-facing JavaScript errors.
DevOps 3 Min Read

Announcing the GA of Splunk APM’s AlwaysOn Profiling

Splunk APM now includes AlwaysOn Profiling for Java applications, providing app developers and service owners continuous visibility of code level performance to troubleshoot production issues faster.