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Leadership 4 Min Read

2024 Predictions: AI Innovation Meets Digital Resilience

Splunk’s 2024 Predictions features three editions – Executive, Security and Observability – sharing insights and strategies for the era of AI.
Industries 3 Min Read

Predictions 2023: Data Investments Will Pay Off for the Public Sector

The new year presents many challenges that will affect the public and private sectors alike – Splunk's Juliana Vida shares more from our 2023 Public Sector Predictions.
Leadership 3 Min Read

2023 Security Trends for APAC and the Evolving Role of CISOs

Splunk's Simon Davies shares a closer look at the changing role of security leaders and sheds light on the security trends we'll see for APAC in 2023.
Leadership 3 Min Read

Security 2023: Supply Chain Resilience, Talent and More

Splunk CISO Jason Lee takes a deeper dive into our 2023 Security Predictions report and explores why the linking of resilience and security is here to stay.
Leadership 3 Min Read

2023 Predictions: Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

Check out Splunk’s 2023 Predictions, featuring insights from Splunk senior leaders and technology experts on the present — and future — technological and economic landscape across security, IT, observability, emerging technologies and more.
Leadership 4 Min Read

The World Today: Aggregating Data Will Be Key to Advancing Digital Transformation

The public and private organizations in APAC today continue to face inevitable challenges every day, and Splunk's Simon Davies shares the top trends in digital transformation to be agile and stay ahead of the use of data.
Leadership 4 Min Read

Five Trends Driving Australia’s Data Landscape in 2022

From serverless applications to an increasing concern by public agencies to deliver exceptional digital experiences, Splunk's Mark Troselj shares the top trends that will drive the data and technology market in Australia for 2022.
Industries 2 Min Read

Predictions 2022: Public Sector Enters New Age of Innovation

For the second year, Splunk has rolled out our annual predictions for the public sector. Read on to see why the public sector is looking stronger and more capable than ever, despite ever-escalating challenges.
Leadership 3 Min Read

2022 Predictions: Data Defines a Dynamic Future

Splunk's Vice President of Products & Technology, Shawn Bice, shares a closer look at our 2022 Predictions, bringing together a broad panel of Splunk senior leaders and technology experts to consider the trends in security, IT and emerging technologies.