Splunk Supports PhD Talent in Imperial’s Department of Computing

We are proud to announce that with a Splunk donation, the Department of Computing at Imperial College has selected three outstanding students: Toshiko Matsui, Madalina Sas and Christina Karakosta, to be the recipients of Splunk Scholarships for the duration of their PhD research programs. In addition, the donation will support two individual project prizes for excellent undergraduate and masters projects in the areas of data science and machine learning. 

Ms. Matsui will be applying artificial neural network techniques to financial time series data, with an emphasis on predictability and trading strategies in crypto assets. Ms. Sas will pursue research in information theory and network security to provide fundamental insights into combating malware. Ms. Karakosta’s research will address the factors that define how networks can promote trust and privacy.  

Clockwise from top left: Toshiko Matsui, Prof. William Knottenbelt, Christina Karakosta, Dawn Manley, Madelina Sas

Splunk’s search for leading edge research spans the globe. It is vital for continuously innovating our products and services. We identified the Department of Computing at Imperial College London as having leading expertise in key areas aligned with our mission. Deep research partnerships with universities provide an influx of ideas and perspectives as we advance Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform. We are thrilled that these three outstanding women have the freedom to push the leading edge of machine learning, network security, trust and privacy as Splunk Scholars. I personally experienced the freedom enabled by a PhD graduate fellowship, and the ability it gave me to design and direct my research program. I am also delighted that Imperial will recognize top undergraduate and masters projects in data science and machine learning. 

Our Imperial partner, Professor and Director of Industrial Liaison for the Department of Computing Will Knottenbelt added:

“We believe that deep engagement with leading technology companies is vital to us remaining at the forefront of technological innovation. Such engagement represents a win-win relationship for our students, the Department and Splunk.” 

Congratulations Toshiko, Madalina, and Christina on joining the Splunk community as Splunk Scholars! 

Dawn Manley

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