Meet the Splunktern: Anne Guo

IIn this next installment of our “Meet the Splunktern'' series, we’re featuring Anne Guo, our Front-End Software Engineer Co-Op on Splunk’s Enterprise Dashboards team. Anne is currently attending the University of British Columbia, studying business and computer science. Recently, Anne was named Splunktern of the Month for embodying one Splunk’s core values — passionate! Read on to learn more about Anne and her experience with Splunk so far.

How does it feel to be “Splunktern of the Month”? 
Honestly, I was pretty shocked at the news and feel really thankful to have gotten a mentor who was able to encourage me to approach things my own way. I also love the fact that “Splunktern of the Month” exists in the first place and is able to highlight when people go above and beyond.

How did you hear about Splunk and what motivated you to apply?
I heard about the company through a friend of a friend who had previously interned at the company and spoke very highly of their experience, and even though I’m only two months in at the moment, I definitely feel the same way! Beyond the positive first-hand accounts, I love what the organization stands for from the driving mission of bringing data to everything, and highlighting the need for empirical evidence in sound decision making to the numerous initiatives like Splunk for Good

How has your experience as a virtual intern been?
The onboarding experience I went through was infinitely smoother than I ever expected, from my mentor regularly checking in to address any questions I might have to everyone on the team being super willing to hop on a quick call to clarify any roadblocks I faced in the process. The University Recruiting team has also done a really good job of setting up intern bonding events from Candle Making to a Paint Night.

Can you tell us about the project you’re working on?
I’m getting to work on the Enterprise Dashboards beta app that exists in Splunkbase as an external application and learning all the intricacies of what the Splunk Enterprise product offers.

What are you most excited about?
I am most excited to own a mini-epic within my team and really see the process from start to finish for the task at hand. Beyond work, I’m looking forward to helping my mentor plan our quarterly team event.

Where can we find you in your free time?
I love hiking, whether it be small strolls in suburban parks or doing day-long hikes with friends. I’ve recently picked up meditating and always love listening to a good podcast, 99% Invisible and The Anthropocene Reviewed are amongst my favourites! In school, I’m super involved in the hackathon community both as an organizer and hacker.

Any advice for future Splunkterns?
Personally, the best advice I have gotten is that no matter what role you take on your team wants you to succeed, that is if you are struggling or facing a difficult problem — ask for help! They want you to realize your full potential, so help them help you.

Want to learn more about the Splunk Internship Program? Visit our Splunk University Recruiting Facebook Page and LinkedIn, or check out open Splunktern opportunities.

Katia Ratkovich
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Katia Ratkovich

Katia is Splunk’s Global University Recruiting Manager. She is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to attract and retain top university graduates to create a diverse, global workforce. Additionally, she focuses on how university recruiting plays a critical role in achieving a diverse and inclusive environment and co-leads the planning some of Splunk's major diversity initiatives. Katia is a member of Splunk’s Women in Technology group and sits on the D&I counsel. 

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