March 2023 Living Our Values Award Winners

Each quarter we recognize five individual Splunkers and one Splunk team who truly embody our core values: Innovative, Passionate, Disruptive, Open and Fun. These special Splunkers have all been nominated by their colleagues for their commitment to living these values everyday! Learn more about each winner and why they were selected below.


Ben Lovley

Staff Sales Engineer | London, UK

Ben has helped to create the Virtual Experience Database app - built by a Splunker, for Splunkers. The app allows us to learn more about each other’s career experiences in and outside Splunk. When you're struggling to find that one person in the company who knows all about some unique piece of technology or business system, you just have to jump on the VED and you're presented with the details about a Splunker who just might make the difference in closing a deal and getting you to target!


Alyssa Savage

Senior Administrative Assistant | Southern California

Alyssa has a genuine passion for Splunk and shows it in many ways. Her passion seeps into everything she does, helping to solidify her as a reliable and invaluable resource to anyone in need of guidance. She promotes ways to boost morale, collaboration, team spirit and participation to ensure that everyone feels part of her team. She truly seeks to preserve the rhythm of business in her org and garners respect and admiration from many along the way. Alyssa’s passion and knack for helping others is truly one of her best qualities, and her selflessness does not go unnoticed.


Russell Uman

APAC Staff Architect | Singapore

Time and time again Russell steps up to the plate to help us succeed with customers in new and emerging regions to cement our position from a Splunk Platform/Cloud perspective. From asking tough questions to the PM teams, to really helping advocate for and challenge a more global approach and global thinking to our service offerings. Russell has been so versatile across any opportunity and engagement, and is always willing to challenge, ensuring we think about the customer at the core of what we are setting out to achieve – usually with his trademark sense of humor too!  


Sara Button

Senior Writer, Editor and Project Manager | Sacramento, California

Sara approaches every challenge with not just a can-do attitude, but a can-do better attitude! Through her openness, empathy, and excellent communication skills, Sara has greatly improved the connection and working dynamics between teams, making it much easier to deliver customer-centric web experiences that drive results for the business. 

She also does her best to be flexible to meet other team's timelines and needs, and finds ways to be efficient in communication. For example, to save time, she recorded a video of herself walking through project guidelines and sending it to her team through Slack! She is super-transparent with her thoughts and concerns up front, so that we get things right the first time.

Fun - The Roger David Carasso Award

Cheryl Balolong

Senior Events Operations Marketing Manager | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Even with the extensive planning, logistics, meetings and stress associated with multiple kickoff events for our employees, Cheryl always has a smile, manages to crack a few jokes to get everyone laughing, and has fun. Cheryl is a constant pleasure to work with. She’s always calm and collected, and has built a real sense of community with all of the stakeholders involved in the planning of four back-to-back events. 

Team Award

Observability Product Marketing, led by Michael Olson

  • Annette Sheppard
  • Anya Gostrer 
  • Connor Tye
  • Courtney Gannon
  • Greg Leffler
  • Ori Broit
  • Mat Ball
  • Joanna Zouhour
  • Wes Cooper
  • Teneil Lawrence

In the run up to Sales Kickoff this year, the Observability Product Marketing team wrote an entire new set of content, new messaging, and new guidance as things were revised throughout the planning process. Despite all this change and the huge amount of content that had to be created, the team has fun together, with weekly social hours, a "water cooler" Slack thread, and regular activities to build relationships. 

Sound like people you’d want to work with? Lucky for you, we’re hiring. Check out our open roles today!

Natalie Kelly
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Natalie Kelly

Natalie is passionate about helping people share their authentic stories. Splunk has given her the chance to do this in several roles, starting in employee communications to now talent marketing. Natalie's other passions include eating really good food, reading, and giving her dog belly rubs.

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