How Splunk is Welcoming People Returning to the Workforce

Here at Splunk, our mission is to remove the barriers between data and action, so that everyone thrives in the Data Age. To achieve this, we know we have to start with ensuring our people are set up for success. We’re constantly looking at how we can improve and iterate on our programs and processes when it comes to Splunkers. This includes benefit offerings, employee resources, and more. A big part of that, however, is also how we invite new potential Splunkers to the door. 

We know that joining a new company is not just sending in an application anymore. It’s become more about building holistic career journeys and empowering people to bring their best selves to work each and every day. With this in mind, we’ve created a new Splunk engineering returnship program. What is a returnship, you might ask? Well, it’s similar to an internship, where candidates who have taken a break from the workforce have the opportunity to join Splunk for a set amount of time. During their time here, they’ll be able to brush off and showcase their skills at Splunk, with the potential to transition to full time positions at the program's end. 

We’re thrilled to partner on this initiative with Women Back To Work, an organization which “helps companies that value diversity and inclusion hire career-ready returners with technical and other professional backgrounds''. With their partnership, this program will provide a supportive environment for candidates during this transition. Additionally, Splunk will also be able to reach a new audience in an equitable and inclusive way. This returnship program aims for candidates making the transition back to the workforce, while considering a diverse talent pool which we may otherwise miss.

We’re so excited about this program, and our Splunkers are too! Read what a few of them have to say about the significance of programs that promote and ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce:

“At Splunk, people are what matter most — and my top priority as Chief People Officer is to cultivate a culture where Splunkers can grow, thrive and be their best selves as they make an impact in driving Splunk’s success…knowing that women often took on more responsibility during the pandemic, we doubled down on our people-centric approach and created a work environment emphasizing extreme flexibility. That culture made it easier for Splunkers to do their jobs as well as take care of their families, financial needs, personal fulfillment and well-being.”
- Kristen Robinson, Chief People Officer
“Throughout this pandemic, people have really been evaluating their current situations and pushing themselves to try new things. This program is an amazing opportunity for us to support women who want to return to the work they are passionate about. As a leader, it also gives us a way to offer alternative work arrangements to help grow candidates into full time roles. I couldn’t be more thrilled that Splunk has this program and is providing these opportunities.”
- Kate Matsudaira, Vice President of Engineering, Observability and IT Operations
“Like many women, I had concerns about making the challenging decision to put my career on hold to be there for my family when they most needed me. When it was time to return, I was fortunate to join an organization that values not only my professional background, but the diverse skill set and perspective I bring because of - not in spite of - the time I took by putting my family first. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that returning to the workforce did not have to mean taking a step down. At Splunk, I found an opportunity to put my skills to work in a role that was different from those I’d previously held, and to continue growing my career in a meaningful and impactful way.”
- Meredith Kouhsari, Talent Acquisition Enablement Specialist

It’s not just Splunkers who are excited about this partnership. Here are a few words from Sonu Ratra, the Founder and President of Akraya, Inc., the organization behind Women Back to Work:

“I am so thrilled about Women Back to Work’s partnership with Splunk and Pro Unlimited. Together we are committed to creating return to work opportunities for those who paused their careers — to start a family, care for a loved one, to address their physical or mental well-being or were impacted by the Pandemic. Our Partnership will help returners experience our high-touch mentoring program, focus on their professional development, and successfully navigate the corporate environment.”

While we are partnering with Women Back to Work on this program, we invite everyone to learn more about Splunk contingent career opportunities. To learn more about our partnership with Women Back to Work, click here.

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