Splunk’s Much Ado About Data Podcast: Exploring the Human Impact of Data

Data is everywhere. In fact, studies suggest we produce over 1.145 trillion MB of data daily. How many of your daily activities are powered by data? How does data impact your family, your community and your business? 

And while data drives our economy, impacts governments around the world and attacks complex problems like climate change and poverty – it also creates global debates around issues including privacy rights, workforce disruption and ethics. 

As Splunk’s Chief Technical Advisor for the Americas, I’m excited to host Splunk’s new podcast, Much Ado About Data, sharing insights and inspiration through conversations that bring data to life and feature data doers — just like you. We’ll focus on data-driven outcomes with some of the foremost experts in their respective fields and industries, providing “a-ha!” moments of aspiration and connection through the power and human impact of data.

The lineup highlights data experts from across a wide range of disciplines and industries to understand how they’re using data to understand consumer behavior, drive innovation and plan for the future. Our all-star roster includes Accenture Managing Director and blockchain authority David Treat, noted security expert Jim Stickley and Porsche data leader Sridhar Mamella, to name a few.

So without further ado, here’s what’s in store for the fascinating people and topics that we’ll cover in Much Ado About Data:

Episode 1: Getting to Know: Juliana Vida

As Splunk’s GVP and Chief Strategic Advisor for the Public Sector, Juliana Vida will be a frequent guest host of Much Ado About Data, exploring the prominent and powerful personalities of the public sector.

This episode is now avaliable on a variety of streaming platforms:

Episode 2: Cognitive Science with Gap in the Matrix founder Martin Lucas

Lucas has pioneered a “rock and roll science” that’s relied on by some of the world’s top brands. In this insightful discussion, we explore how he taps into the mind of the consumer — while also maintaining data ethics-by putting more “human” into the system.

This episode is now avaliable on a variety of streaming platforms:

Episode 3: Getting to Know: Lisa Palmer

Meet the host of Much Ado About Data, as guest host Juliana Vida explores Lisa’s journey, the importance of trying new things and her thoughts about data and the series.

This episode is now avaliable on a variety of streaming platforms:

Episode 4: Data and the Retail Landscape

In this episode, we sit down with David Spear, Senior Partner + Vertical Leader for Retail, CPG and Hospitality at Teradata and brain trust advisor at RetailWire.com, to explore all the ways we can use data to overcome supply issues. We specifically take a deep dive into how analytics can help with product substitution, delivery and pickup and allow companies to get products to shoppers faster, better, more efficiently. 

This episode is now avaliable on a variety of streaming platforms:

Episode 5: Mastering Marketing Tech and Data with 2x Olympian and Integrate CEO Jeremy Bloom

Jeremy has one of the most fascinating stories - he is the only athlete in history to both ski in the Winter Olympics and be drafted into the National Football League. As CEO, Jeremy uses data to help market companies across the globe and in this episode shares how data can be the key to getting a leg up on the competition. 

Episode 6: Pivoting your business in a pandemic with Joe Connelly, Senior Manager App Engineering for Chipotle.

Restaurants had to reinvent service during the pandemic. Delivery and pickup became key aspects of their business plans. In this episode we explore all the ways in which restaurants were able to use data to change the way they serviced customers and how those methods are continuing to be used today. 

Episode 7: Discussing New Technology and Data with David Treat of Accenture

Technology is making it easier than ever before to share data yet some businesses struggle with how to jump on board. This year alone worldwide spending on blockchain solutions are expected to reach $11.7 billion. David Treat, Senior Managing Director at Accenture discusses how these tools are changing everyday life. These tools will not just look at where you were in the past, but show you what your customers value, making it easier to predict where you need to go in the future or how to evolve. 

Episode 8: Security Tips for an Unsecure World with Jim Stickely, CEO of Stickely on Security

Fact: security breaches are on the rise. Thousands of financial institutions and Fortune 100 companies are fielding an on-slaught of cybersecurity attacks on a daily basis. From firewalls, PKI servers, online banking applications to PDA devices, securing information is one of the costliest, most important items organizations will spend money on. Jim shares the biggest concerns businesses should be aware of, what companies should be doing to get a handle on them and how to make customers aware of the efforts to protect them.

Episode 9: Data in the Fast Lane with Sridhar Mamella, Porsche's Platform Manager for Data Streaming

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation for so many companies, even one built for life in the fast lane. See how @Porsche is changing the way it uses data to balance demand and predict growth. Sridhar Mamella talks about how to use data to drive growth in uncertain times. 

Episode 10: Using data to keep employees engaged with Eric Fraser, VP of Sales Enablement at Partners in Leadership

The unprecedented events of the last two years ushered in changes we’ve never seen. Almost every facet of work in every industry changed. Remote work is much more a part of life than in years past and companies are looking for ways to keep employees engaged. Eric explores all the ways in which data can help employees feel connected in a somewhat isolated business environment. 

Episode 11: Mining through unstructured data with Daniel Newman of Futurum Research

Companies get their data through so many different streams now including social media outlets. Navigating your way through those streams can be difficult. Daniel talks about the need to formulate a plan, gather the information and collectively pull it together to best position your company for growth.

Episode 12: Fool-proof Security Solutions with Ryan Morris of Blackwood.

Trust and communication are two valuable qualities in any working relationship, especially when hiring a cybersecurity company. We are seeing more breaches than ever with more people working from home and shopping online. Ryan breaks down how to cut through the promises and find a cyber security company that really delivers. 

Episode 13: Thoughtful Data Use with Kristie Grinnel of DXC Technology.

It's time to get smart about how we're using our data. Kristie shares how to turn data into doing. It’s no longer enough to just look at data and make decisions, you must correlate the information to deliver excellence to customers. She shares how to combine forces and use data from multiple sources to provide the best experience for your company and your employees.

Episode 14: Using AI for good with Alexandra Ebert of Mostly AI.

From healthcare research to cross border company collaborations, sharing data generates many privacy concerns. Data utilization and AI allows companies and government agencies to reconcile some of those issues. Alexandra explains how incorporating these emerging technologies can improve research and guide more effective policy decisions thus boosting public trust.

To listen and subscribe, check out Much Ado About Data here, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday. Enjoy!

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