IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) Comes to Splunk Mobile and TV

Why should only Dashboard Studio users get all the fun new features on Splunk Mobile and Splunk TV? To spread the cheer this new year, we brought the latest and greatest Mobile and TV features to IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) Glass Tables, so that you can view your ITSI data anywhere at any time!

What are ITSI Glass Tables?

ITSI_dashboardVisualize the key metrics, network relationships and service dependencies that underpin your business using ITSI Glass Tables. Whether you are in the boardroom or on the marketing floor, Glass Tables enable you to focus on the most important data points and derive key insights to make critical business decisions. Design Glass tables using built-in widgets or your own custom images. These elements work together to tell the complete story behind the metrics that drive your business.

How Can I View ITSI Glass Tables on Splunk Mobile and Splunk TV?

To bring the power of Glass Tables to Splunk Mobile or TV, make sure that your Splunk platform instance is set up with Splunk Secure Gateway. This application securely routes your key metrics to any Connected Experiences platform.

You can view ITSI Glass Tables in the Connected Experiences apps if you have these minimum Splunk platform and ITSI versions:

Next, download the most recent version of the Connected Experiences product that you would like to use. The following apps support ITSI Glass Tables:

Note that Glass Tables created using the classic framework will not be available on mobile or TV. To view these older Glass Tables, you must upgrade them to the new framework released with Splunk ITSI 4.9.0.

ITSI_Mobile_dashboardNow log in to the Connected Experiences app on your device and find your Glass Tables from the dashboards list. Once you open up your favorite Glass Table, you can navigate and zoom into the most relevant metrics and KPIs. All the visualizations you’ve come to love such as charts, tables and maps appear the same on Splunk Mobile and TV as they do on the web. Glass Tables in the Connected Experiences apps also support other components such as text, images, shapes and form inputs so that you can narrate your data story any way you want. Check out our release notes to get the full list of Glass Table elements supported on Splunk Mobile and Splunk TV.

Watch our video to learn more about viewing ITSI Glass Tables on Splunk Mobile and TV. If there are any other ITSI components you would like to see on Splunk Mobile or TV, let us know in Splunk Ideas. We hope that these new features enable you to get business critical metrics into the hands of even more users across your organization!

This article was co-authored by Joe Mattekatt, Product Manager for Mobile, and Jesse Chor, VP of Engineering.

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