Creating Modular Inputs (e-learning)

This one-hour course covers the Splunk modular input development concepts. The Splunk modular input is an extension of the Splunk custom input capability. It is a way to treat and interact with your scripted input definitions as one of the Splunk native inputs.

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Course Topics

  • Describe modular inputs and how they differ from scripted inputs
  • Identify data that is a good candidate for a modular input
  • Create modular inputs
  • List modular input introspection scheme options
  • Index input error messages to the Splunk internal index
  • Customize the Data Inputs form in Splunk Web Manager for your modular inputs

Class Format

Self-paced e-learning, requires HTML5 compatible browser.


  • Basic understanding of programing (preferably Python)
  • Using Splunk
  • Searching and Reporting with Splunk
  • Administrating Splunk
  • Developing Apps with Splunk