Learn How Concur is Using the Splunk App for Windows


John Tharp, Concur Technologies, Software Configuration Engineer
Manish Kalra, Splunk, Director Product Marketing for Microsoft Solutions


Managing an enterprise Windows infrastructure is a mission critical undertaking. Organizations need to monitor performance, events, application usage, application crashes and updates throughout the entire infrastructure from Server to Client.

Watch this webcast to hear real world examples from John Tharp, Software Configuration Engineer at Conur, on how the implementation of the Splunk App for Windows, along with Splunk Enterprise, has helped keep critical systems online and provide key visibility into operating the Windows environment.

Also, Manish Kalra from Splunk will demo how easy it is to:

  • Monitor a Windows environment to track the performance of key metrics
  • Audit critical patch deployments from success to failure
  • Review events from your Application, Security and Event logs across all the servers and clients