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How Raiffeisen Schweiz Uses Log Based Detection To Prevent Banking Fraud and Protect Customers With Splunk

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Cyber attacks are commonplace in mainstream media, be it fraud or malware examples. In E-banking the threat landscape is complex, through the E-Banking system, customer system or the connection.

Digitization is here to stay, and so Raiffeisen needed a detection system to maintain operations and protect their customers.

A customer using e-banking produces log files, and with Splunk the analysis is completed centrally, signalling search patterns. All of the E-banking logs are sent to Splunk, the data is processed and stored in the fraud detection system. Splunk helps the bank to analyse the logs, and complete searches in real time.

Watch the on demand session from Simon Zust, Head of Fraud Detection and Mobile apps to see examples of how Raiffeisen detects Fraud with the help of Splunk.

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