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How TIAA Transformed IT With AIOps

Intelligent IT event management and predictive analytics with Splunk

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How much is your enterprise monitoring setup helping or hurting? With the shift to cloud-first environments and the need to respond to incidents in real time, IT teams are leaning into intelligence-driven approaches for IT Ops management.

Companies like TIAA have adopted AIOps to use machine learning and automation to break down data silos, streamline operations and prevent incidents from taking place.

Watch presentations by Splunk customer TIAA to discover their journey to AIOps and learn how they replaced legacy ITOM tools (Netcool, Tivoli) for intelligent event management and predictive alerting with anomaly detection, adaptive thresholding and advanced analytics.

Watch this presentation by TIAA to learn:

  • How TIAA modernized their IT event management setup
  • Challenges, lessons learned adopting AIOps and Splunk
  • Cost savings by replacing outdated ITOM tools

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