The Basics

#SplunkCertification is excited to announce a major upgrade to our program! This relaunch will go live at .conf18 and includes all-new exam content, a more secure exam platform with industry leader PearsonVue, and three BRAND NEW certifications*.

Registration for our existing (soon-to-be “legacy”) exams will close on August 15, 2018 and all existing exam links will expire on August 31. No exceptions can be granted, as the existing platform will be terminated on September 1.

Candidates who earn the new certifications will be granted digital badges and, of course, bragging rights.

The Details
  • Starting September 4, all exam registrations will go through test partner and industry leader PearsonVue.
  • Starting October 8, exams will be available onsite at Pearson Testing Centers. Online exams will still be available and hosted by Pearson, but will be subject to online proctoring.
  • Exam registration will cost $125 USD (or five registrations for $500 USD).
  • All exams will be closed-book. This means that course materials, personal notes, and any other reference materials (including online resources) are strictly prohibited.
  • All V6.x certifications will not be grandfathered into the new program. This means that all existing cert-holders will need to pass the new exams to earn the new certifications. For more information regarding recertification, please visit our recertification page.

The Certifications

  • Splunk Core Certified User
  • Splunk Core Certified Power User
  • Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin
  • Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect
  • Splunk Certified Developer
  • Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin*
  • Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin*

For some quick reference materials regarding these changes, please check out our launch timeline and program overview. Additional resources include our updated retake policy**, accommodations policy**, minors policy**, and program guidelines/exam agreement.

Splunk Partners - please visit the Accreditations FAQ page for more information on how these changes affect your Accreditations. Note - you must be logged into your Partner Portal to access this link. Any questions not answered via the FAQ page can be directed to

*Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin and Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin will be launched later this fall. Stay tuned for more information!
**Our new policies will take effect with the program launch. All existing policies will remain in place until October 2018.