The Splunk platform provides real-time visibility into DevOps-driven application delivery. Unlike other solutions that focus on discrete release components, the Splunk platform provides real-time insights across all stages of the delivery lifecycle—from application development, to test, to production monitoring. This enables IT teams adopting DevOps to quickly move from concept to production to improve the velocity, quality and business impact of application delivery.
Use the Splunk platform for DevOps to:

  • Deliver end-to-end visibility across every DevOps tool chain component
  • Use objective metrics to ensure code is operational and meets quality SLAs
  • Correlate business metrics with code changes to gain new business insights
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Why Splunk for DevOps?

Analytics for real-time visibility into DevOps driven application delivery.

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Innovate Faster With Continuous Feedback on DevOps Activity

Remediate, iterate and innovate faster with advanced analytics that help you understand where application delivery bottlenecks are in the DevOps process.
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Raise Code Quality With Data-Driven Metrics

Raise the visibility of quality assurance metrics with objective insights and proactive alerting for better issue prevention and quicker responses.
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Improve DevOps Teams Efficiency

Improve collaboration and agility by measuring and benchmarking release contributions to understand how individuals or DevOps teams impact performance.
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Achieve Business Goals Rapidly

Get real-time visibility into business data, such as application usage, cart fulfillment or registration data and correlate it with code changes to evaluate the impact on your customers.
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Improve Customer Experience

Get instant analytics-driven feedback on DevOps activity to proactively understand and resolve the root cause of issues before your customers are impacted.
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Protect Reputation and Increase Application Security

Enable DevSecOps teams with critical information early in the dev cycle to avert and alert on new potential threats.

Improve Your DevOps Game With Machine Data

See what you can achieve with Splunk

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More frequent deployments
Reduce mean time to resolution
Less time on unplanned work

Splunk DevOps Ecosystem

Leading DevOps solutions and cloud systems are integrated with the Splunk platform. Download these free apps and add-ons for ultimate visibility across the entire application delivery pipeline.

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Collect and analyze data from Puppet Enterprise.
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Amazon AWS

Gain real-time insight into applications and infrastructure across AWS environments.
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Gather insights from Chef Infrastructure.
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Analyze productivity patterns using commit information.
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Microsoft Azure

Collect valuable diagnostic, performance and audit data for infrastructure and apps running in Microsoft Azure.
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Collect logs, events and performance data from Google Cloud Platform.
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Communicate with PagerDuty platform for faster incident resolution.
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Ansible Tower App for Splunk

Collect and analyze inventories, jobs and more from Ansible Tower framework.
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