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Public Safety

Extending physical safety for citizens

Operational Intelligence for Secure Operations

With a fast growing populace and changing demographics, public safety, justice and law enforcement agencies under state and local governments are challenged to extend public safety and other services to meet rising community expectations.

For these organizations, which often face constrained budgets and resources, the Splunk Platform provides Operational Intelligence to drive fast and confident decisions for resilient, optimal and secure operations to successfully meet their goals.


  • Improve public safety and system uptime with end-to-end visibility across agencies, systems and infrastructure components
  • Leverage analytics-driven security to quickly detect cyberattacks, identify anomalous behavior and respond to incidents faster
  • Implement predictive and intelligence-led policing initiatives faster and more affordably than with traditional tools
  • Quickly connect the dots, identify hidden patterns and discover trends to proactively detect and combat crimes and other threats to the community
  • Respond to disasters and emergencies more effectively and faster with predictive and real-time data analytics
What can you do with Splunk?