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Splunk for public safety

Analyze, investigate and innovate faster so you can protect your community.


Accelerate investigations, collaborate effectively, make confident decisions

Communities rely on public safety agencies like yours for protection — from terrorism and cybercrimes to wildfires and extreme weather events and much more. So you need access to reliable, real-time information and the ability to share intelligence across disparate technological infrastructures to maintain that trust.

 WIth Splunk you can:

Other ways to connect with the team

  1. Join our closed chatroom: Fill out this form to become a Splunk user group member on Slack, and find #group1020.
  2. Please feel free to contribute to our Splunk Law Enforcement Github Repository.

Decrease investigation time for law enforcement

Decrease the time to investigate and increase accuracy when ingesting digital evidence from search warrants. Conduct proactive surveillance to ensure school and facility safety. Rapidly deploy and recon to fast moving cyber security incidents and attacks..

Provide courtroom-friendly reports and dashboards. Use for:

  • Cross-correlation searching between persons of interest, cases, data artifacts
  • Financial forensics, cryptocurrency transactions
  • Mission analytics (drones, body cameras, surveillance, telephones, vehicle telematics)
  • Protection against threats like phishing attacks, data exfiltration and insider threats

Empower Fusion Centers with centralized data gathering, information sharing and reporting

Enable interagency collaboration at the federal, state and local, and NGO level by integrating various data sources, personnel and departments to reduce or eliminate communication gaps and latency.


Create intelligence-led policing with ML-based analytics

Easily integrate and ingest 911 call center and crime databases to run machine-learning based analytics, providing fast and actionable information on crime patterns and trends like commercial burglaries, motor vehicle accident reconstruction and homicide investigations. Optimize resource allocation and reduce crime.


Enable more efficient emergency and disaster relief

Collect and analyze environmental IoT sensor, drone, first-responder vehicle location, weather, and 911 call center data to provide real-time alerts and coordinate first responder deployment faster.


Empower innovation with research and development

Provide a low-cost, high-performance, cloud-based data lake platform to conduct research and development for academic institutions and public safety departments. Centralize and deduplicate data sets and efforts with cross-departmental access by providing secure and customizable searching, reporting and knowledge sharing capabilities. Use for:

  • State, local and federally funded research grants at academic institutions
  • Data analytics support at state and local police and public safety departments
  • Expedited data onboarding
  • Research, including counter-terrorist intelligence, tracking extremist groups, human and drug trafficking, civil discourse and more
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