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Cloud migration

Shift to the cloud with confidence. Splunk provides comprehensive, analytics-driven hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting at enterprise scale.


Gaps in visibility make production downtime longer

Businesses moving workloads to the cloud need to optimize performance and improve reliability of their hybrid IT infrastructure landscape. Being unable to make instant sense of data from any source and at any scale limits the ability to accurately find, fix and prevent service outages quickly.


Find, fix and prevent issues

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Understand use and overages

Get visibility into cloud costs and utilization with detailed usage reports and enterprise controls.

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Accurately identify problems

Triage and resolve issues immediately for minimal impact on service reliability.

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Maneuver at innovation speed

Proactively observe infrastructure behavior on code pushes and swiftly surface anomalous issues.

451-research-it-monitoring-meltdown 451-research-it-monitoring-meltdown

Make your cloud more efficient


Manage access and avoid overages with enterprise controls and a comprehensive, integrated view of your cloud infrastructure costs and capacity. Forecast demand correctly and identify underused instances so you can predict costs better.

Get insights for the entire stack

Accelerate resolution times with full-fidelity analytics at scale. Built-in AI/ML capabilities instantly detect and alert for directed troubleshooting. Measure impact on critical business services in context with predictive insights and recommendations.

infrastructure-monitoring-101 infrastructure-monitoring-101
fast-track-your-multicloud-monitoring-initiative fast-track-your-multicloud-monitoring-initiative

Self-serve deployments at enterprise scale

Splunk’s complete, hierarchical view of function health allows you to monitor delivery of modern serverless apps in real time and monitor-as-code for performance and availability. Test early for continuous feedback and prevent service degradation.


Speed up investigations

Automatically monitor, troubleshoot and resolve issues in seconds with an integrated, full-stack, analytics-powered observability solution that’s OpenTelemetry-native and enterprise ready. 

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Shared visibility for DevOps, IT operations and software development teams into infrastructure and applications.

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Splunk App for Content Packs

Your one-stop shop for prepackaged content, out-of-the-box searches and dashboards for common IT infrastructure monitoring sources.

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Begin monitoring your hybrid infrastructure landscape in minutes.