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Splunk vs Datadog: Which Observability Solution is Best?

Splunk Observability Cloud is built for complexity and scale while Datadog's tools are limited.

Splunk Observability Cloud Is a Better Datadog Alternative

Standalone monitoring solutions like those Datadog offers aren’t designed to handle the scale and complexity of the new cloud-native world.

Datadog samples data, lacks depth in out-of-the-box applications metrics and microservices monitoring, and cannot support complex event correlations across multiple cloud and hybrid networks.

With the amount of data we now have running in Datadog, any sort of searching takes 2-3 minutes sometimes and we often experience a ‘time-out’ error with searches like that…DataDog struggles when you are monitoring a lot of data and need to then query that data.

Sr. Architect SaaS Ops at International data management platform

Splunk Observability Cloud is built for modern, cloud-native environments. Benefit from a proven platform that delivers better results faster with retention of 100% of all metrics, traces and logs, and streaming analytics that offer powerful, end-to-end insights across multiple environments.

Try the Splunk Observability Cloud free for 14 days. No credit card required

Splunk vs Datadog

Comparing Splunk Observability Cloud and Datadog’s observability tools.

Feature Comparison Splunk Datadog
Infrastructure Monitoring    
Application Performance Monitoring (APM)    
Business Workflows    
Real User Monitoring    
Synthetic Monitoring    
Web Optimization    
Comprehensive Logs    
Full-Fidelity Tracing - No Sampling    
Real-Time Streaming Analytics    
Comprehensive Integrations    
Supports 1000+ Containers    
Centralized Usage Management    
Leading Contributor to OpenTelemetry    
Supports Complex Event Correlations    
Comprehensive Incident Response    

With over 1,000 devices or elements to monitor, dashboards become crowded and difficult to view with Datadog. There really is not a good way to expand the dashboards to accommodate a larger infrastructure or IT ecosystem.

Senior infrastructure engineer Office productivity app

The Guide to Modern APM

Why Splunk Observability Cloud?

Speed and Efficiency

  • Splunk Observability Cloud offers the fastest insights into your entire stack. Our streaming architecture and AI-driven analytics alert on problems in seconds and automatically surface recommendations and actionable insights.
  • Splunk Observability Cloud offers the only end-to-end full-fidelity NoSample™ distributed tracing that stores the data of every single trace, providing the level of detail needed to resolve any issue.
  • Splunk Observability Cloud empowers developers with modern, high performance tools so that they spend less of their time troubleshooting.
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Platforms built for today’s Data Age

  • Splunk’s solutions are designed to address the complexities of cloud-native environments at scale.
  • Splunk is committed to open source data collection. OpenTelemetry (which Splunk co-founded via Omnition) eliminates the risk of vendor lock-in and gives developers more control over their data.
  • Out-of-the-box Kubernetes monitoring, full-fidelity APM and RUM, comprehensive logs, synthetic monitoring with web optimization, and intelligent incident response.
  • Splunk’s Observability Cloud offers a superior UI with a dynamic service map that allows you to see the root cause of errors immediately, explore your data based on any combination of tags, and easily understand how your application is behaving, so that you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating.

Splunk by the Numbers

by the world's leading organizations
The only APM that analyzes, ingests, and stores 100% of trace data all the way from the front end to the back end
Fastest problem detection with the only observability solution based on patented streaming analytics
Contributor to OpenTelemetry, the leading open standard for APM instrumentation

*according to IDC Marketshare: Worldwide IT Operations Management Software Market Shares, 2019; Gartner’s Market Share: Security Software, Worldwide 2019; Gartner’s Market Share: Enterprise Infrastructure Software, Worldwide 2019 reports; GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability, 2021

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