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I’m thrilled to announce a major update to Splunk MINT. Splunk MINT allows you to collect and analyze operational information from your mobile apps. Now, you can get the same insight on mobile app performance, problem, and usage as you do with applications and infrastructure that you’re probably already using Splunk for today.

MINT Analytics 3-13Real Time Insight:
Track sessions, unique users, application crashes, crash rates per user, and user engagement in real time. Drill down on items to explore in more detail.

Network Monitoring:
Measure the volume, latency and status of all HTTP connections. This enables you to understand the network’s contribution to transaction response times or query response times from API calls and other web services.

Transaction Visibility:MINT Trans large 3-13
Track the duration, completion time and failure rate of custom-defined transactions. Get better visibility into where transaction bottlenecks reside and which transactions users perform most often.

Correlations to Enable End-to-End Insights:
Correlate mobile data with other machine data from Splunk Enterprise to gain end-to-end insight on transaction and mobile services, or business transaction data to gain insights on how mobile transactions are impacting business outcomes.

Splunk MINT is a game changer for mobile app developers. By getting real-time information on app crashes as well as network and transaction performance, developers can find and fix problems with their apps and push new releases quickly.

MINT Ops Dash 3-13[1]

Operations teams will love it, too. Splunk MINT includes an app for Splunk Enterprise, as well as a connector that allows Splunk Enterprise to seamlessly collect mobile data generated by your apps. In addition to the dashboards and 45+ reports we provide, you can search and correlate mobile data with other data sources, and create the dashboards, alerts, and reports your teams need.

Happy Splunking!


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