Announcing the End-of-Sale of Splunk Light

Splunk Light and Splunk Light Cloud will reach End-of-Sale on May 1st, 2020. This means on and after this date, Splunk Light and related release and support cannot be purchased, expanded, or renewed, and the product will eventually reach End-of-Support and End-of-Life. But don’t fret! Customers of Splunk Light and Splunk Light Cloud will have the option to migrate to Splunk Enterprise under special offerings. Read on to learn more about the migration paths and our other investments in pricing and rapid adoption.

Migration Path: Splunk Light

Current Splunk Light customers will be able to migrate to Splunk Enterprise for no additional cost at their next renewal time, if they so choose. Customers who opt in will receive a license for Splunk Enterprise for the same indexing volume at no additional cost above the annual support and maintenance (in the case for perpetual customers) or term license fees (in the case for term customers) had they continued to use Splunk Light. This discounted cost will be locked in perpetuity for that inherited ingest volume during the customer’s use of Splunk Enterprise, excluding any volume expansion on Splunk Enterprise.

Any customers who choose not to migrate to Splunk Enterprise at their next renewal time will forfeit the opportunity to migrate to Splunk Enterprise in the future (as renewals on Splunk Light will no longer be allowed beyond the EOS date).

Too long, didn’t read: Upgrade to Splunk Enterprise from Splunk Light for no cost increase at your current ingest volume!

Migration Path: Splunk Light Cloud

Current Splunk Light customers will be automatically migrated to Splunk Cloud between May and August of 2020. Starting from the date of migration (determined by Splunk and communicated as a maintenance window), customers will receive 1 year of Splunk Cloud at the price of Splunk Light. After this time period, the discount will discontinue and list prices for Splunk Cloud will take effect. 

For monthly e-Commerce customers, this will mean that after 12 months of Splunk Cloud at Splunk Light price, the next renewal will reflect the full price of Splunk Cloud.

For annual customers (e-Commerce and PO), Splunk will determine the cost of the next renewal by prorating the number of months received on Splunk Light. For example, if a customer is migrated on June 1, 2020 and the renewal date is August 1, 2020, the next renewal will be priced to include 10 months at Splunk Light’s list price and 2 months (already realized) at Splunk Cloud’s list price.

Customers who do not want to continue to use Splunk Cloud after this one year time period have the option to discontinue usage as they see fit.

Too long, didn’t read: Upgrade to Splunk Cloud from Splunk Light Cloud for no cost increase for one year at your current ingest volume!


We are committed to supporting our customers in their journey to shine a light on their dark data and quickly deliver insights. To this end, we have introduced new Data-to-Everything pricing options to help turn data into action:

  • Rapid Adoption Packages provide customers with an easy path to getting started and rapid time to value, designed for specific & common IT and Security use cases.
  • Predictive Pricing offers predefined volume tiers up to unlimited ingestion. Customers can consume up to the maximum in each tier for a single price, and get clear visibility in the cost of the subsequent higher tiers.

End-of-Life Timetable

  • October 21, 2019: New major releases of Splunk Light stopped.
  • April 24, 2020: Splunk Light 7.1.x End-of-Support via official support policy.
  • May 1, 2020: Splunk Light and Splunk Light Cloud End-of-Sale. No new sales or renewals on Splunk Light or Splunk Light Cloud are allowed. Migrations from Splunk Light to Splunk Enterprise can begin. 
  • October 2, 2020: Splunk Light 7.2.x End-of-Support via official support policy
  • April 30, 2021: Migration from Splunk Light to Splunk Enterprise no longer supported. All Splunk Light support and maintenance purchased before May 1, 2020 by perpetual customers expires. 
  • June 4, 2021: End-of-Life for Splunk Light and Splunk Light Cloud. 

Action Required

If you are a current Splunk Light or Splunk Light Cloud customer, you or your account owner should have received an email informing you of this migration and details. All Splunk Light customers will be approached by their Splunk team who will initiate the migration conversation at renewal time, and all Splunk Light Cloud customers will be moved to Splunk Cloud automatically. Please reach out to your account representative or renewal representative with any questions, or contact Sales.

Happy Splunking!

Aditya Tammana
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Aditya Tammana

Aditya is a Senior Product Manager at Splunk. While he focuses on the SPL2 search language currently, he has been deeply involved in core splunkd, Dashboards, and storage in the past. He loves to eat his way through as many countries as possible, document the process, and attempt to recreate that food at home (with mixed success). He once Splunked his dog using the Fitbit Add-on for Splunk to keep an eye on his health patterns.

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