Splunk Use Cases

Splunk offers powerful software options, from Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform, to Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk SOAR, Splunk APM, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, and much more. There are endless ways to use Splunk to make your organization more secure and resilient. This blog post will cover some of the common use cases for Splunk as well provide links and resources for other popular use cases.

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Splunk Use Case Videos

Splunk use case videos give users a practical approach to investigating and solving specific problems within their networks. These videos are particularly helpful to beginner and intermediate users, giving them actionable examples that they can start using today.

Identifying Web Users By Country

Identifying Slow Web Content

Finding New Local Admin Accounts

Finding Interactive Logins From Service Accounts

Checking for Windows Audit Log Tampering

Finding Large Web Uploads

Detecting Recurring Malware on Host

Detecting Brute Force Attacks

Detecting Network and Port Scanning

Detecting Unencrypted Web Communications

Measuring Memory Utilization by Host

Measuring Storage Speed I/O Utilization by Host

Measuring Storage I/O Latency

Log Volume Trending

Basic TOR Traffic Detection

Additional Splunk Use Cases

Depending on your role, the following Use Cases might applicable:

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