Building an Enduring Company One Patent at a Time

Companies use a variety of metrics to measure health and vitality. One important measure of both for technology companies like Splunk is the number of patents issued. Patents reflect a company’s commitment to innovation. Patents incentivize innovation. Patents fuel a virtuous circle of even greater innovation and resilience. And, patents benefit our customers, communities and employees.

We are thrilled to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently issued Splunk’s 1000th patent, a remarkable milestone achieved in just several years. This achievement is a testament to Splunk’s commitment to our customers to deliver powerful and leading-edge technology.  

Our customers rely on us to help secure their most precious assets and resources, and find insights to drive better business outcomes, more efficient operations and competitive advantages. We are inspired and motivated by this mission, and constantly push ourselves to increase the power and innovation of our technology. 

We believe that innovation builds healthier communities. Companies that are able to offer innovative products and services provide their customers the opportunity to be more resilient and enduring, to optimize and secure their assets, and to create greater employment, social advancement and in turn, community impact.  

Splunk’s commitment to innovation is also critical to attracting, retaining and engaging our immensely talented employees. Reaching this milestone provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our patent program by hearing from those on the team who are closest to the process: 

“It’s so satisfying to work on something that is brand new and innovative and that adds value to the company and our customers.” - Sakshi Garg, an engineering manager for Splunk 
“The patent process is very cathartic. It’s a great retrospective on where you started and where you ended up.” - Matt Hanson, principal software engineer, Splunk
“There’s a sense that we are doing something bigger and contributing to a larger cause.” - Bharath Aleti, a senior director for product management, Splunk
“Industry analysts see vendor patents as a proxy for innovation…  generating value from the differentiation built through [our] R&D efforts.” - Joely Urton, senior director of analyst relations, Splunk
“Splunkers have all these great ideas that they’re working to get into our products. It’s challenging, but it’s also incredibly interesting and inspiring to see what Splunkers come up with.” -  Sam Olive, intellectual property counsel, Splunk

While we are proud of this important milestone, we are already looking ahead to future milestones in the years to come. Indeed, becoming an iconic and enduring company depends much on our innovation.

Scott Morgan
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Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan is Splunk’s Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, Global Affairs & Secretary, and has responsibility for Splunk’s legal, government affairs and Splunk for Good functions. Scott has more than 20 years of experience practicing at the intersection of law, technology and leadership. Scott believes that transparency, informed debate and acting with the highest ethics are particularly relevant to his work at Splunk, the Data-to-Everything company. He believes that establishing and maintaining trust is paramount, and promotes this within Splunk and the industry. Scott joined Splunk as Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary in 2012 before working up to his current role. Prior to Splunk he was legal counsel at Autodesk, Inc. and Tellabs, Inc. Before transitioning to in-house legal counsel, Scott worked at Morrison and Foerster LLP and Thoits, Love, Hershberger & McClean LLP, where he specialized in corporate finance, acquisitions, intellectual property and technology licensing. Scott earned a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was a member of the occasionally competitive Cal Ski Team. He earned his J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of Law.  Outside of work, Scott is passionate about his family, friends, community and the health of our planet.