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3 min read
Learn how ML-Assisted Thresholding in Splunk ITSI can recommend the optimal adaptive threshold configurations for KPIs so you can get up and running faster.

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IT 2 Min Read

IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) Comes to Splunk Mobile and TV

Check out the latest Splunk IT Service Intelligence updates on Splunk Mobile and Splunk TV!
IT 5 Min Read

How to Improve Your SAP Service Health by Predicting & Preventing Risks Before They Arise

What should you keep in mind when crafting a strategy for harnessing all your SAP data to improve monitoring, managing, and optimizing all your SAP systems and services today? Learn more about effectively managing SAP data with Splunk, here.
IT 6 Min Read

ITOps Needs Observability Like Batman Needs Lucius Fox

Explore how Splunk Observability solutions for IT and DevOps teams converge to provide end-to-end management of increasingly complex IT estates spanning on-premises to multicloud, containers and microservices in a SaaS-based delivery model.
IT 2 Min Read

Expanded Customer Adoption Lands Splunk First in 2020 IT Operations Analytics Market Share Report

For the 7th year in a row, IDC has ranked Splunk as #1 in ITOA – learn more from Splunk's Bill Talbot.
IT 8 Min Read

3rd Party APM: Unite Your Legacy APM Data on Your Journey to Observability!

Splunk brings you the Content Pack for 3rd Party APM to get your key data in from these legacy APM solutions, so you can interact / search / alert on all of these key End User Experience and Application and Infrastructure Performance results, enabling you gain quick and easy access to these critical results to deliver across your organization and stakeholders.
IT 3 Min Read

Managing IT Just Got Easier: Introducing the New Splunk App for Content Packs

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Splunk App for Content Packs, an app that acts as a one-stop shop for prepackaged content and out-of-the-box searches and dashboards for common IT infrastructure monitoring sources, making it easy to get up and running with Splunk for IT use cases.
IT 9 Min Read

Microsoft 365: Are You Flying Blind...and at What Cost?

Splunk brings you the ITSI Content Pack for Microsoft 365 to enable full visibility into the performance, availability, security, incidents, and messages across these cloud based Microsoft 365 services that run your business.
IT 2 Min Read

Why You Should Migrate from Legacy Apps to IT Essentials Work

We understand change is never easy, but trust us when we say, migrating from these legacy apps and adopting the new IT Essentials Work (ITE Work) app will be both worthwhile and beneficial.
IT 3 Min Read

3 Ways to Upgrade Your IT Strategy with Business KPIs

Get your IT strategy on the right track by focusing on more integrated processes, breaking down team silos and aligning your team objectives to business goals. Check out some practical steps to consider, to maximize value for your organization and customers.