DFTT #1. Observability for the real world

Welcome to DevOps from the Top from Splunk, our podcast dedicated to sharing information from leaders in the world of observability. 

Our podcast will be focused on asking interesting questions of decision-makers and technology leaders to gain deeper insights into how our new world of cloud-native, microservices-based applications need new tools and new techniques to deliver in this instant-gratification, always-on world.

By delivering insightful views on our needs, tools and technologies, we hope to provide information that is useful to you as you move forward in observability, where the unknown unknowns are the ones most likely to get you.

For today’s podcast, we’re joined by Quentin Packard and Spiros Xanthos to discuss why we need observability in the real world. No matter what your own role, observability concepts and techniques are changing the way we monitor and respond to our systems in action.

We’ll be queuing up some questions for our guests today:

  1. Everyone talks about observability, but what’s it good for?
  2. What should modern tools provide for observability?
  3. What’s it going to do for “me”?

We’ll quickly find out that Quentin and Spiros that the world today is in a rapid state of evolution, as we need applications that scale to meet the needs of a connected user. This alone means that our tooling should be offering in real-time, and be focused on providing assistance to the DevOps teams since the complexity has easily exceeded the ability to grasp the entirety of any application and its infrastructure.

One of the interesting bits is that that observability impacts the quality of life for DevOps and Devs. Providing information quickly and making it possible to find new things that you didn’t know could happen means that teams can solve problems and get back to doing more cool stuff.

With that small taste of some of the info, have a listen to Spiros and Quenten on Observability for the Real World.

Dave McAllister

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