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How do I…? During your time as a Splunk customer, you will begin many of your questions this way. Our products have a lot of features to grasp, a lot of flexibility to master, and a lot of power to help you solve your business problems. Learning how to get the maximum value out of our capabilities can take some time. That is why there are dedicated groups of Splunk knowledge workers creating content to help you take advantage of opportunities quickly. 

Splunk offers a variety of self-help content sites, and you might not know which one to go to when. Let’s help make sense of where to go for the content YOU need.

Splunk Docs and Splunk Developer Portal

Splunk Docs and Splunk Developer Portal enables you to become productive and confident using Splunk products. It is the comprehensive resource to help you discover, manage, use, and deploy Splunk software. Whether you are an administrator, analyst, end-user, or developer, Splunk documentation provides officially-supported information to help you learn, do, and solve the problems you need to solve.

Splunk Lantern

Whether you're new to Splunk or a seasoned practitioner looking to unlock new value, Splunk Lantern lights the path ahead. Easy-to-follow Getting Started Guides and expert tips get you Splunking like a pro. Access a library of search and procedural step-by-step articles to investigate, troubleshoot, monitor, and solve even your trickiest data challenges. Find untapped value in additional use cases for the data you already have in Splunk, and when you're ready to go deeper, use the curated best practices to meet your top business objectives.

Splunk Knowledge Base

Splunk Knowledge Base is a just-in-time collection of knowledge articles to solve problems for your specific environment or exception. Quickly find what you are looking for without having to contact Splunk. Benefit from the collective experience of Splunk support and other customers who may have encountered similar issues to find relevant solutions and get back to productivity.

Splunk Community

Splunk Community is your free way to learn, connect, have fun, and find success. This site consists of a collection of programs and resources to help any Splunk user ask questions, get answers, share ideas, connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and be the catalyst for success their organizations need. 

In-Product Guidance

Splunk now surfaces product guidance directly in Splunk Cloud Platform from Splunk Lantern and The Splunk Knowledge Base to help you tackle tricky subjects like search optimization and adding data sources without having to search for information in a new browser tab. Additionally, in-product guidance will soon announce the updates found in each release, including deep-dives on our most exciting new capabilities to help you get up to speed quickly on how to use them.

We hope this post helps Splunk users of all kinds along in their Splunk journey whether they are on their sixth day with us or their sixth product.

Happy Splunking! 

Thanks to Chris Gales (documentation), Melissa George (support), and Bryan Jennewein (community) for helping put this self-help guide together.

As part of the  Splunk Education team, Jennifer lives and breathes Splunk Lantern. She collaborates with Splunk experts all across the organization to curate and publish the information that customers need to succeed. She is a technical content expert who enjoys analyzing grammar, watching farm animal rescue videos, and running at very high altitudes.

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