Great Breakouts for Splunk Developers at .conf21 Virtual

Are you a Splunk Developer? Then .conf21 Virtual is the conference for you! 

This year, we’ve got 16 great Splunk Developer breakouts focusing on extending the Splunk platform with high-quality apps, add-ons and customizations with great CI/CD tools and automation. Sessions will also look at the latest technologies available and how to use tooling even to manage Splunk! 

Check out the many great opportunities below, and discover how you can level up and apply these new skills in the following sessions:

Developing Apps for the Splunk Platform

DEV1050C — The Developer’s Starter Kit! 
Learn about the fundamentals of Splunk app development. We’ll show you how to create custom Python scripts, add your own search commands, make your dashboards look extra awesome and a whole lot more!

DEV1244C — Build Ready-to-Install Apps for Splunk Cloud Platform 
Do you ever wonder what’s the fastest way to get your app installed and configured in Splunk Cloud Platform? We’ve got you covered! In this breakout session, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily develop apps for Splunk Cloud Platform apps that you can deploy for your customers to use right away, from initial release to ongoing updates. We'll also dive into how you can use Splunk AppInspect to understand our Cloud-vetting process and how to release apps on Splunkbase.

DEV1783C — From "Create From Template..." to "App Installed Successfully" in Splunk Cloud Platform in Less Than 60 Minutes 
What are we doing to make it easier to build and test your app for Splunk Cloud. Now, you can get every dev tool you need up and running in less than two minutes. Get data for testing using Eventgen. Validate your app (AppInspect, etc.). Ultimately, test the installation, configuration flows — Self Service App Installation (SSAI) and fine tune the functionality of your app in Splunk Cloud Platform.

DEV1307C — Splunk Cloud Platform and Self-Serviceable Apps — A Love Story 
We know that managing apps at scale within Splunk Cloud Platform can be a challenge. We've been listening closely and working hard with you, our customers, to make managing your app lifecycle in Splunk Cloud Platform as simple and self-serviceable as possible. We’ll showcase new tools and features you can take advantage of. Go from deploying apps in days down to minutes in Splunk Cloud Platform. Fall in love with apps all over again!

Managing Your Apps with CI/CD

DEV1560B - Go From Zero-to-Automated CI/CD App Building and Testing In 30-Minutes (or Less) 
Let's discuss why using CI/CD to build Splunk apps is so important, and how it will bring you confidence in the apps you deploy. We'll dive into an interactive demo of how to build and test a Splunk app with an automated workflow — giving you everything you need for a robust platform to build your Splunk apps with confidence and predictable results.

DEV1147C — Secrets From the Developer Kitchen — Develop On Splunk Like a Pro With UCC, Visual Studio Code and Git 
Do you want to learn about the secret development techniques of pros and insiders? Do you want to learn how to use tools like Visual Studio Code for building, debugging and inspecting code? What about using Git and CI/CD workflows? Then now’s your chance to get developing like a pro! Learn how to use Universal Configuration Console (UCC) to generate flexible user interfaces for your add-ons, discover how VSCode can help debug code, and last (but certainly not least) preview UI and inspect code for best practices. 

DEV1775B — How NASA Went From App Best Practices to Metaprogramming Better Apps 
Experience NASA's solution for an on-the-fly .conf file and knowledge object management solution. Break out of your black hole of .conf stanza management. Discover NASA's concrete examples from apps they've developed to support NASA's Earth Science Data and Information System's operations. Learn that Splunk's not rocket science.

Build Splunk Apps With New Technologies

DEV1328C — How I Built It: Extending the New Dashboard Framework for Real-World Applications 
Want to unlock advanced dashboarding and visualization capabilities? Great! Now you can extend the core dashboard framework to create custom layouts, visualizations, data sources, event handlers and more. Join us to learn more about how to get started extending the dashboard framework, and see how it can come together to build powerful Splunk applications with customer examples.

DEV1134A — Introducing Splunk UI Framework: Build Splunk Apps With React 
Whether you’re a current or new Splunk App developer, we have exciting news for you: We’re launching the Splunk UI Framework — a set of state-of-the-art frontend application development tools and libraries based on React to help you build powerful and flexible apps for the future. Learn the details and where you can go for resources and help.

DEV1595B — Splunk + React = :Mindblown
Last year, we got a glimpse of Splunk and React working together in harmony to create powerful applications that move beyond the dashboard paradigm. We’ll continue breaking the barrier between a single page application and a Splunk app, showcasing custom 2D and 3D interactive visualizations, spring animations for fluid UIs and responsive styling, all natively in Splunk. Come learn more about the technology that powers a new generation of mission cybersecurity applications at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Get Data With Webhooks and Add-On Builder and Custom Search Commands

DEV1635C — Case Study on Building a Splunk Integration Using a Webhook API and Serverless Functions 
Learn how the Splunk for Good team built several Splunk integrations with various Webhooks APIs using an entirely serverless architecture; why this is so important for your organization as you journey to the cloud; and, better yet, how you can do the very same thing.

DEV1463B — This API Is Legit, It Needs a Splunk Add-On! 
For Splunk users, more data means more valuable insights and outcomes. There are always more data feeds, user interfaces and tools! Learn how we made new commands and apps for Splunk. Now, integrating the feed API, merging the results with data and building useful dashboards is accessible to all organizations. We will run through the tools and commands we built in, how we merged with traditional data and some dashboards that are now core to our threat hunt efforts.

DEV1387B — Deep-Dive Into the Custom Search Protocol v2: How To Implement a Custom Search Command in Any Language Want to create a Custom Search Command using a language other than Python? Then this is the presentation for you. Learn how Splunk identifies and communicates with your custom search command, the specific formatting of the messages passed between Splunk and your command, how to parse the parameters passed from Splunk and how to pass configuration options back to Splunk.

Manage Your Splunk SPL Searches like Code!

DEV1132B - How To Become the Best SPL Reviewer 
Learn how to set up an independent Collaborative Development Environment (CDE) in Splunk. This includes a way to share indexes (raw data) of remote indexers and create data summaries in the local indexer of each developer. This makes it easy for developers to add their own changes to Version Control System (VCS) and review SPL in saved searches. Perform more in-depth code reviewing with Compare Search App we developed. Now, don't be afraid of collaborative development.

Use Splunk with GitHub to Build Better Software Faster!

DEV1453B – Touring the Software Factory: Get Visibility Into Your Pipeline Analytics to Ship Better Software Faster With Github 
Whether you're a Security Ninja, DevOps Guru or an ITOps Rockstar, this tour of the factory has something for everyone. The first stop on the tour will be source code storage, where you can spot the hive of activity buzzing around different repos. Then it's off to the assembly line, where we'll see code move through different pipelines and packaging. We'll wrap up our tour at quality control, where you'll see agents investigating malicious commits or knock-off libraries. The software factory is more exciting than you may have thought, and Splunk has teamed up with GitHub to release a new set of add-ons and apps to provide easy visibility into your GitHub based factory!

Deploy Splunk to New Users Quickly with Splunk SDK and REST API tooling

DEV1801B — Build a Self Service UI to Automate Splunk Provisioning Utilizing the SDK and REST API 
Are your app teams growing faster than what your Splunk admins can manage? We'll dive into an overview of how Ford's monitoring team empowers its application teams by providing a self-service user interface to onboard their data into Splunk.

You can see there’s A LOT going on for Splunk developers at .conf21 Virtual! Join us for these breakouts and so much more by registering today.

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