Don’t Miss the Platform Track at .conf21 Virtual!

Are you an experienced Splunk admin, super user, or just getting started with our products for the first time? Get excited for .conf21 Virtual and dive into the Splunk Platform Track for all the tips and tricks from how to get started quickly to how to take on your most advanced use cases. We can’t wait for you to explore the Platform track online from the comfort of your sofa, home office, or wherever else you like to hang out and listen to awesome Splunk information! Take a look at our great sessions that will help you learn more and walk away from .conf with practical Splunk skills you can apply quickly to your organization.

Turn Insights Into Action

  • PLA1450B - McLaren: Driven by Data
    Over 40 years ago, McLaren ventured into data analytics by placing 24 sensors on a race car. One year ago, Splunk teamed up with McLaren to make the best use of that data and as of today, each car runs with more than 300 sensors, relaying the data between the track and mission control back in the UK in near real-time. This session will dive into McLaren Racing's cutting-edge use cases and explore how the esports phenomenon uses Splunk data analysis and live dashboards for the McLaren Shadow esports team. You'll gain an understanding of the power of Splunk data in increasing the esports team's competitiveness.
  • PLA1266A - Reimagine Data Visualization with Splunk Dashboard Studio
    Splunk Dashboard Studio reimagines how you build dashboards with an intuitive user experience and new out-of-the-box visualization capabilities that can take your Splunk dashboards to the next level. Learn about the latest and greatest features that will help you to create clear, compelling and meaningful dashboards. Don't just rebuild your Classic dashboard in Studio; unleash the full potential of Dashboard Studio to help you bring data to everything. If you plan to attend any other Dashboard sessions, we recommend you start here.

Learn About What’s New

  • PLA1468A - What's New in Splunk Cloud Platform?
    Are you excited about all the innovation coming every 4-6 weeks in Splunk Cloud Platform? Join us to learn about the latest and greatest capabilities and explore the vision for what comes next. Build your data strategy with our cloud strategy.

Brush Up on Awe Inspiring Admin Skills

  • PLA1410C - From Noob to Ninja: Growing and Managing Splunk Enterprise as a Team of One
    Ask most Splunk admins how many people are needed on the team to keep Splunk Enterprise running smoothly and the answer is usually N+1. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to Splunk smarter, not harder, as we trace one Splunker’s journey from noob to ninja. From a few loaner boxes to being designated as a critical application with 400+ Splunk servers serving dozens of internal customers each with their own unique requirements and agendas, and zero headcount growth. See how this lone Splunker leverages ITSI to develop a Splunk health score; builds administrative focused visualizations and views that keeps surprises to a minimum; and identifies automation opportunities so that they can occasionally get some sleep.
  • PLA1264B - Best Practices and Better Practices for Admins
    Make your Splunk platform a palace with these best practices! This is an updated version of the highly rated sessions from .conf19 - .conf20. In this session, we will review platform tips & tricks you've regretted not knowing. Attendees are encouraged to support each other by sharing their own best practices, tips & tricks, and love for all things Splunk! We'll explore topics relevant for platform admins, such as effective Splunk resourcing, common pitfalls and monitoring console - all with a fun and interactive session!

Expand Your Data Management Knowledge

  • PLA1135C - Avoid Data Loss While Forwarding Into Splunk With Low-Cost Advanced Redundancy Architecture
    For forwarding/streaming of critical data, the environment should be resilient enough to ensure continuous availability and even handle hardware failures. While Splunk's native clustering provides data storage redundancy, what about the data that has not yet arrived to peer nodes? How much downtime can your forwarders survive before losing data? Is there a way to use more than one Master Node? This session will demonstrate various methods of clustering and cloning Splunk servers to improve data reliability without wasting licensing bandwidth. Discover the subtle but crucial architectural differences used to create an advanced forwarding environment of your dreams.
  • PLA1267C - Attention Splunk Admins! Simplify Search Management at Scale
    Role quotas, user quotas, system quotas, admission rules, concurrency limits, scheduler limits, workload management - how do I make sense of all these features and more importantly, how do I use them to manage search workload at scale? When I first joined as a product manager at Splunk, it baffled me for a while before I understood how these settings work in sync. In this presentation, we will demystify the search management tools available for you, reveal newly developed search controls and enhancements that simplify your task as a Splunk administrator and show you these capabilities in action to solve specific use cases.

Take Advantage of Cloud Transformation Support

  • PLA1581A - A Realist’s Guide to a Successful Splunk Cloud Platform Migration
    And you thought migrations were hard… well, they are. The good news is that with careful planning and just the right amount of teamwork, it is possible to migrate multiple Splunk Enterprise environments to Splunk Cloud Platform expeditiously and effectively. This project was incredibly important for the GE Digital Telemetry team in order to shift their focus from managing Splunk Enterprise and its underlying architecture to creating valuable content. This has echoed its way back to the business, fueling the speed of innovation for their users. When it was all said and done, the careful planning paid off with dividends yielding not only time and money back to the team but a renewed focus on analysis on Security, IT Operations, and DevOps. Come join us as we lay out our journey to the cloud, all the careful considerations put into planning, and lessons learned along the way.
  • PLA1102B - Cloud Migrations Without the Migraine 
    Are you an existing Splunk on-prem customer, but curious about Splunk Cloud Platform? We saw a massive influx of customers migrating to Splunk Cloud Platform last year, and in this talk we will share the details of their journey. You will learn about the types of migrations we see, how to best plan for your migration, which tools will simplify your migration, how to avoid common pitfalls and what to expect once you're in Splunk Cloud Platform.

Explore Emerging Capabilities

  • PLA1451B - From Sensor to Cloud – How to Power Analytics & Machine Learning With Splunk by Building Modern Architectures for the Internet of Things (IoT)
    Past initiatives for digitization in industrial value chains often have resulted in the creation of data silos, lacking an overarching examination layer to provide a holistic view of the data. For end-to-end scenarios in IoT, Splunk can play a key role as a central data compilation layer, providing manifold capabilities for data exploration and advanced analytics. We will discuss how to avoid silos by designing open IoT architectures alongside typical challenges and trade-offs of available protocols and technologies. Further, we will show a state-of-the-art IoT data pipeline combined with Splunk’s unique features for building data-driven applications and ML models to demonstrate its aptitude as the go-to platform for IoT analytics.
  • PLA1467A - Simplify Getting Data In with Splunk Cloud Platform Streaming
    Sometimes “getting data in” can be just as complicated as managing the data itself. Splunk is eager to help you accelerate your transition to the cloud by making these processes simplified and more streamlined. Join us to learn about how new innovations with the Splunk Cloud Platform will help you get to the cloud faster, while making your data work for you. Built for Splunk Cloud, Stream Processor Service is designed for filtering noisy data, enrichment and formatting of raw data, statistics & analytics on data in motion, and routing to your various data destinations. Come join us to learn how Stream Processor Service and other cloud native capabilities will make getting data to the right location in the right shape as simple as G-D-I. Join us to see this in action and learn how you can take your cloud data experience to the next level!

You can see there’s a lot to learn and explore in the Splunk Platform Track .conf21 Virtual. Register today and join us in October for an unforgettable virtual experience! We can’t wait to see you!

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Anna Mensing

Anna is the Director of Product Marketing for Splunk’s Platform and Machine Learning products. She works closely with customers to help them understand how their data can reveal insights across Security, Observability and more. She has 12+ years of experience bringing to market SaaS and software solutions in technology and public sector industries. Anna holds an MBA from Duke University and a degree in Systems and Information Engineering from the University of Virginia. Outside of work, Anna enjoys traveling, reading science fiction, trying out new cooking recipes, hiking and exploring the Washington, DC area!

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