DevOps at .conf21 Virtual: Adding Observability to Your Splunk Tool Belt

I can’t believe it — .conf21 Virtual is less than two months away! Between the keynotes, breakouts, demos and networking, there’s so much to see and do. And, if your job description includes monitoring cloud native infrastructure, monitoring microservices, developing applications or leading functions, we have some great sessions on tap just for you!

There’s several key themes you’ll pick up on in the .conf21 Virtual DevOps Track breakouts — observability, monitoring cloud infrastructure, and application performance monitoring (APM) in all its forms.

Spotlight on Observability

One theme we’ll be focused on this year is observability. 

.conf21 Virtual is packed with enough observability content to be its own conference! If you’ve been looking at observability in your org, here are some sessions I recommend as a starting point:

DVO1111C - Getting Started With Splunk Observability
DVO1261C - Extending Monitoring With Observability
DVO1377B - Observability: From the Ground up Using OpenTelemetry and Splunk APM at Care.com
DVO1822C - I Have Splunk Cloud Platform. What Can I Do To Add Observability?

Spotlight on Infrastructure Monitoring

Most of our customers are using Splunk to monitor an array of infrastructure — from on-prem to cloud infrastructure. Throw in some Kubernetes and serverless, and there’s a lot of territory to monitor and find problems. Splunk has continued to add new capabilities and products to its portfolio. Here are some sessions where you’ll learn the latest in the world of cloud infrastructure monitoring:

DVO1603B - The Challenges and Solutions for Modern Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting
DVO1565B - Observability as Code at Diligent
DVO1726C - Kubernetes Observability for Beginners: How Splunk Helps You on Your Journey

Spotlight on Application Monitoring and Digital Experience Monitoring

Web and application performance affect everything from Google search rankings to your company’s ability to do business on the web, not to mention being able to go home on time! Application performance monitoring, synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring have become critical topics. Here are some sessions that will introduce you to new ways of using Splunk technologies to perform APM and DEM.

DVO1585C - Introduction to Splunk Synthetic Monitoring for Availability, Functionality and Performance of Your Websites and APIs
DVO1227B - Splunk Real User Monitoring – Every Second Counts
DVO1500C - Getting Started With the OpenTelemetry Collector

This is just a fraction of the sessions you’ll find in the DevOps track. I encourage you to take a few minutes to explore all the DevOps sessions in the .conf21 Virtual session catalog

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