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SLO/SLI Monitoring

Keep Tabs on Important KPIs With Business Workflows

slo-use-case-hero slo-use-case-hero

Track SLI/SLOs and improve business KPIs

end-to-end-transactions end-to-end-transactions

End-to-End Transactions

Visually explore logs and filter for the results that matter most.

smart-alerting smart-alerting

Smart Alerting

Logs are shaped to provide context that enables robust, fast and easy exploration and workflows.

radius-of-impact radius-of-impact

Radius of Impact

Add service context to enable seamless transition between log monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and APM.

Product Capabilities

Uniquely improve business KPIs in a microservices, cloud environment

KPIs in a cloud environment

Out-of-the-box dashboards and configuration wizards help monitor important KPIs, defined by grouping together relevant end-to-end traces and transactions based on any microservice, tag or initiating operation.

slo-sli-kpi-cloud slo-sli-kpi-cloud

Smart alerts on any SLI degradation

Use NoSample full-fidelity tracing to track the performance of business workflows and be alerted if a threshold is hit, a sudden change occurs or a historical anomaly arises. No traces are sampled; no issue will go undetected.

slo-sli-smart-alerts slo-sli-smart-alerts

Accelerated troubleshooting

Use the service map to see any service's impact radius on its dependent workflows. Get to root causes at a glance with Tag Spotlight.

slo-sli-accelerated-troubleshooting slo-sli-accelerated-troubleshooting

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